Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

Today the archbishop was coming to parish for confirmation. I find it a bit hard to believe that children in grade 2 are ready for confirmation, but will go with the flow. Some people have said that by confirming these children they are more likely to stay in the church... Don't know how true that is as 3/4 of the children that I have seen confirmed since the age change do not come to Mass after.

I looked around at the lovely decorations in the church today, and then looked at all the new things this priest has decided we need. We had a lovely Easter Candle that we just added a container of oil to every so often, plus we only needed to replace the stickers on this candle every year, now we have a regular wax candle (which will burn irregularly) and will need to be replaced every year. This at a cost of $800.00 compared to about $300.00. A new set of pitchers and goblets were bought as well. We only bought new sacred vessels 5 years ago (actually they were donated), and the cost of these new vessels (which we really did not need) was $2K. Then my glance fell on the new Holy water container. I, myself (and I have overheard others saying the same thing) think it is a bit over the top and the price was ridiculous....5K.

This does not include the new vestments we have bought (yet again) at a cost of 25K and a myriad of smaller items. We then have a priest that knocks on doors and tells parishioners that they are not giving enough, or should leave money to the church when they pass on.

I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by what is happening in our church as far as spending is concerned. I am also worried about this "team" approach that is always being spoken about. It seems as if some people are more members of the "team" than others.

I think it is time for me to step back and re-evaluate what I really want to be doing in a church that seems to feel some people are more important than others (at least from what I can see). While I have loved being a lector and communion minister I think it just might be time to give those up, and while I really believe in the Ecumenical movement within the church, I feel others should either back off and let me do what is necessary, or take over (which they probably want).

The things that bring me joy as far as ministry within the church right now are few and far between. I love the Prayer Shawl ministry I started, love working with those that need help in any manner and love singing in the congregation. I think perhaps it is time that I stopped talking about doing only those things that bring me joy, and actually do those things.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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