Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Update on Goals From Last Month

1.  Knit cardigan for me. This has been put aside for awhile.
2.  Sew three projects for myself. Not done as my sewing mojo seems to have left me high and dry.
3.  Alter skirts.  Done.
4.  Knit one prayer shawl.  Done
5.  Decluttering. Added to my total. I am now up to 162 items gone from the house.
6.  Work on temperature blanket. Working on this year long project.
7.  Sew 2 new quilt tops. Done, actually made more that the 2 tops.
8.  Mount and frame more cross stitch.  Mounted more cross stitch now Harvey needs to make me some frames.
9.  Tidy up sewing/craft room again.  Done, but could be done again.
10.  Cut out 2 more patterns. Done.
11.  Make up stock up list. Done.
12.  Swap out wardrobe for spring/summer clothing. Done.
13.  Use some of the smaller balls of yarn to knit squares for a blanket. Done and still being worked on in the evenings.

My big goal for the month was cleaning out one of my sets of storage drawers...

Remember this

Well that has been used up for the most part and any extra yarn or quilting items have either been used up (in those quilt tops, the strips at any rate) or put in other storage boxes that were almost empty. 

There are a few items I have to clear off the floor, as you can see, but the main part is cleared out.

So my goal for this month is to continue with the decluttering of my sewing/craft room, perhaps even get rid of another set of storage drawers (they are piled 2 high) and work on going through my craft books and culling them (that will be difficult).

I am having a problem with some posters, so I am going to do something I swore I wouldn't do and add comment moderation to my blog. I don't want them bothering all of you as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

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  1. Great job on decluttering your sewing room. I noticed that you had a very nasty troll comment the other day and wanted to respond but decided that ignoring the troll was the best response. I don't blame you for moderating your comments.