Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

Mass was very long today. Lots happening and lots of people speaking about the happenings in our Parish community. It was also the last week of the rosary before Mass. It was because of this that we did not have the prayer shawls blessed and will have to pick another day.

Because of all that was happening at church our priest did not give a homily. I imagine that Mass would have been twice as long if he had. We had a talk about faith formation and evangelization instead. This was given by our chair person for that particular committee (who really does not have a committee). The Faith Formation portion I understood very well and see how it fits into parish life. Evangelization not so much.

We will be getting air conditioning in the church over the next few years. One of our families offered to buy the units (we will need at least 2 or 3 large ones as our church is very big), but Father was asking if families could give to help with venting and installation costs. It would be lovely to actually be cool at Mass as during the summer it can be very hot.

It has been a cold and cloudy day. No rain is forecast but a frost advisory has been put in place. I was outside covering plants (some had to be brought in, and Harvey covered all his veggies. Strange to have a frost warning so late in the season. It makes me happy that I did not get other plants into the ground (still have perennials and a few annuals to get in, next week hopefully).

I was working on my quilt and my machine has started to act up. I will take it apart in a couple of days to see what is happening. Hopefully it just needs a good cleaning and nothing is wrong. If there is something seriously wrong with it I will have to take it about 150 miles away to be serviced. Good thing I have other machines that I can use, it is just that I love this one for quilting and I am not to sure if the others will work as well. The thread is bunching on the bottom and not feeding through. This only happens when I stop work to straighten the fabric. I did manage to finish this quilt and hand sewed on the binding to the back.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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