Monday, December 30, 2019

Menu Monday

This year has gone by so very quickly. Two days left and then a brand new year full of new adventures and excitement.


Ham Steaks, fried potatoes, and kale salad. This will clear a few items out of the fridge and crisper.


Leftover roast beef, and roasted butternut squash, cauliflower mixture (perhaps some leftover kale salad).


Stuffed Chicken Breasts, rice, and raw veggies and dip.


Clean out the fridge night (should have some of what I plan on doing with the leftover roast beef left).


Tuna patties, homemade fries, and coleslaw.


Sweet and sour ribs, rice, and the leftover coleslaw.


Roast beef, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots and a tossed salad.

The menu this week should satisfy my carnivore of a husband, use up items from fridge and freezer, and even allow me to try something new.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. I'm whittling away at holiday leftovers. I had cabbage rolls & nelysniki (?) for breakfast this morning. There are a few servings of pickle soup. When those leftovers are cleaned up, I'll make a chicken pot pie with leftover chicken. Homemade pizza is on the menu for NYE.

  2. Tuna patties, gosh I haven't had those in years. Though in my mom's house it was salmon. I'll have to make these one day and see if my son will eat them. :)

  3. Soooooo need to make a meal plan, a habit!!!!

    Perhaps you will inspire me!!!! -smile-