Sunday, April 2, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


The weather is nothing but strange here this past month and into this month. 

Cooler than normal and snowy when usually by this time of year the snow is gone. Yes we could get the occasional dump of heavy wet snow, but usually in most cases this is gone within days. 

This year the snow from our winter is still melting, we have new snow falling, and dang cold days. Hopefully this ends soon as I am so looking forward to sitting on the deck, planting flowers and working on weeding. Getting my hands dirty, which could be awhile yet as we still have three foot drifts in the back yard.

I also want to say thank you for the responses to my rant. I do want to say that it is only a very few on Harvey's side that are causing me grief. Strange thing is that my side is a little less inclined to do things like this, and we range in the higher numbers over all. Perhaps we are just more inclined to talk about those things that others are not so open to. My side is also less inclined to be Conservative in our thoughts (there are a few of the older generation that are though).

It was Palm Sunday today and we decided to try an in person Mass. My back was in rough shape by the time the Mass was finished, but man was it nice to be in community once again. I got to see people we haven't seen in at least a year. As Harvey says this is one of our most favourite Masses of the year after Christmas.

Now while I won't get to all the Tridium, I am hoping to be at the Good Friday service. I think my back will take that. I think Mass attendance is going to be a learning experience and I may end up having to take a pillow with me yet.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It always helps to let off a bit of steam so feel free to rant on here! Glad you enjoyed the service and seeing familiar faces despite being masked. We are still masking at most large gatherings.

  2. I'm glad that you finally got back to mass with your community. I hope the snow disappears soon.

  3. So great to read you are getting back into things and feeling better. Harvey's Raspberry Chocolate wine sounds delicious and something Tony would enjoy, not me though and I'm glad you are getting to use up your orphan wool. I just don't understand some people at all, seriously, I don't know why such an important family event as a wedding would not be announced to all family at the same time. I have close family too that never read my blog and I would read theirs if they wrote one. I don't understand that.

  4. Sorry, somehow I missed the rant post. This is generally a safe place ot rant. Families can be so difficult at times. I tend to avoid those that annoy me most.
    Said, mostly tongue in cheek - I'm sure if you send a gift your absence will be forgiven.
    Glad you were able to get out to Mass.Would anyone mind if you stood through part of the service? It might be easier on your back.
    As for the weather...I am so done. There is 2-3 inches on the driveway this morning and more coming down. I'll go out and shovel this afternoon when it is supposed to be done. Fingers crossed.

  5. From my friend in Ontario, whom i think you might follow, spring is on its way! He has sprouting peeping out of the ground.

  6. Sometimes venting is just good for you!

  7. Weather has been strange here too - today we've had several bouts of thunder and lightening and at times really heavy rain. At least it's not snow!