Thursday, April 6, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


Just the usual thrifty things happening around the old homestead. 

One new thing though. If you all remember I said we both came down with Covid before Christmas. Well we tested again today, and I learned (used a new box of tests with all the instructions) that in reality we did not have Covid at that time. Duh, do I feel stupid.

However looking at the instructions and testing cause of Harvey not feeling well... Turns out that Harvey has Covid, but so far I am clear. 

I notified Kris and said we would understand if he didn't come for Easter. His response was that he was fully boosted (so are we) and has had Covid twice already so he would still come down. He will be arriving before noon tomorrow.

Right now Harvey is staying as far away from me as possible, and I have my cutting table set up that we can use to eat. Harv is wearing a mask and I am busy cleaning everything he touches.

Life suddenly got pretty interesting here on the old homestead. I am also hoping I don't come down with it as I have that appointment to finish the filling work on Tuesday of next week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. I'm praying that Harvey gets well soon & you won't be infected. Your Christmas symptoms sounded like you had Covid. I tested negative 3 times (at drugstore/pharmacy & at home tests), but had the exact same symptoms as my friend's mom who tested positive. So please remember that you can still test negative if you are infected. I ended up being sick (mainly fatigued) for 3 weeks then. I'm hoping that you'll all still be able to enjoy a wonderful Easter together.

  2. Oooops - and poor old Harvey . . . sending healing vibes and hopes that things improve soon. xx

  3. I do hope Harvey's case of Covid is mild and he's over it quickly, and that you do not contract it.
    Enjoy your Easter with Kris!

  4. Sorry to hear that Harvey has come down with Covid. I hope you don't get it and have a lovely Easter with your family.

  5. Don't be certain that what you had at Christmas wasn't covid because I know of a lot of people (#2 son included who continually tested negative despite knowing full well he had it because his 3 kids and our daughter-in-love all tested positive). I'm so sorry that your DH is positive and now it's to be hoped it's a very mild case and that he doesn't share it with you and your son. Being fully vac'd isn't a guarantee that you won't get it - just that the symptoms should be less severe.

  6. Sorry to hear that Harvey is sick. Fingers crossed that you will stay clear 🤞Have a lovely Easter x