Thursday, April 20, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


We had a bit of a problem with our power flickering off and on yesterday. It seems to have steadied today.

The usual thrifty happenings here on the old homestead. Mending, using things up, and watching what we spend as is usual. 

Hubby has requested more meatless meals and I will be searching the internet for those. 

More baking happening. When one can't open the windows due to nasty weather, the smell of baking makes a big difference inside. 

Going through a blizzard makes one manage their meals and makes all of us try and use what is available in our homes. Having a well stocked pantry is a great way to save on spending and getting little things completed around the house. 

Being thrifty does not only take spending and being conscious of what we are using or repairing, it also takes into account how we use our time. Being unable to go anywhere is allowing me to realize that I am not thrifty with my time. 

I usually go to a friends for coffee almost every day (I feel sorry for her, I am the only break she gets from her overbearing Husband). This takes about an hour or more out of my morning, I am now thinking that every second or third day would be enough time. This is the friend (and hubby) who complain all the time about the money they spend, but don't want to accept any help on how to control their spending. The Hubby is also a person who likes to shop every day, and find things that are medically wrong with either him or my friend. I just get tired of trying to help and shuffled off as being a nut according to her husband. Time to draw back and get things done that need to be done here at home.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. We’ve tried meatless meals and I can only keep it up for 2 days - then I start getting tired, hungry and a little down. I read a Harvard study that type O blood types really need animal protein whereas other blood types do well on a vegan diet. We went 3 days without any animal protein this week and for me that is one day too many. I just have to face it - I’m a meat and green veggie gal. Occasionally a carbohydrate. I have multiple vegan cookbooks! I used to be a nanny to vegans and cooked vegan for the children. It’s fine as a one meal deal but I am unable to sustain my energy level without animal protein.

    I’ve known people like that - I just stay away. Seems they always want to complain and never want any solutions. Take care, Jackie and God bless you!

  2. Hoping the snow won't go on for much longer and I agree that baking perfumes the whole home and makes it feel so very cosy.

  3. It is very generous of you to take so much time out to talk to and spend time with your friend every day. I imagine that she really appreciates your friendship. I can understand your frustration, however, if you don't feel listened to, as it must get a little repetitive. I guess some people just feel more comfortable complaining about their lot, rather than ever trying to change anything for the better.

  4. I love the smell of baking too :)
    It's kind of you to visit your friend every day, Jackie, but if it's taking up too much precious time, there's nothing wrong with cutting it down a little. I imagine you feel a bit fraught by the time you leave each day too. That's not good for your own mental health. Do what feels right for you.

  5. All caught up on your posts now. Funny we had tuna casserole and pea soup this week, both enjoyed. We kept seeing the storm predictions for your province and I thought of you often. I'm glad it didn't materialize as predicted. It is a sad time of year to have a blizzard. Though we had has snow in the air on Monday and no doubt, that will happen again yet. I think you are wise to consider how you spend your time after all that is precious too, especially if the issues have been more than explored already. You are kind to have been there for her for so long.

  6. I'm glad the blizzard has finally ended It definitely meant staying home, if one could.
    Perhaps your friend could alternate visits with you in your home rather than having to deal with the husband. He does sound like a bit of a bully.

  7. Sometimes feeling sorry for a friend ends up just dragging you down. I had a friend like that several years ago and I kept going back for more until finally I realized she wasn't good for my own mental health so I had to walk away.

  8. You're a saint! Is it possible for her to slip over to your house for coffee occasionally? She needs to be able to visit with you without an overbrearing husand hanging around!

    Regarding the pantry--you are so right, Jackie! At the beginning of the pandemic (seems like a lifetime ago!) our pantry and freezer carried us for weeks until we had to go to the store (which we did at 6:00 AM, which they called senior citizen time). This was helped along by my habit of keeping canned evaporated milk and milk powder in the pantry at all times. We have learned that mixing up the dried milk and adding some canned evaporated milk really makes it taste good enough to drink. I got that tip off of a frugal site years ago. Also, my supply of dried beans, lentis, tomato products, and gluten-free pasta really helped. My mother taught me so much by example, and I am so grateful.

  9. I had a friend like that, too. I also had to tell her that our association was not good for me. That's hard to do, but brings its own reward. Bless you!