Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mid Week And Already Tired Out

It is the middle of the week only and I am just exhausted. Part of the reason is more than likely because I worked today and after 4 months it just seemed to drain me right down. Part could be because of the rainy dismal weather we are getting, and part could be the beginning of a fibro flare.

Came home from work and made a freezer meal. Nice and quick and no preparation involved at all.

I also did a bit of knitting and some embroidery work while watching television (I am a Survivor fan) and enjoyed a glass of homemade wine.

While I was gone Harvey fixed our furnace. We got up this morning to a freezing house. It seemed the thermocoupler had burned out. Thank heavens it was an easy fix on our ancient furnace, I just want one more year, and then we will replace it.

Harvey also washed all the inside windows!! Now the problem is the outside, there are a few streaks from when he washed them about a month ago. He is planning to try on the first nice day to redo them.

Tomorrow I head out to the stores for our weekly shop. I am hoping to get some good prices and do a bit of a stock up on a few items.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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