Friday, November 6, 2015

Frugal Friday

The end of the first week of November and the beginning of winter. With prices going up we are going to have to watch what we spend and the costs of keeping warm this winter. Especially since our power company does 2 months of estimates before they do a reading of our electrical usage. This month our bill is very high, the company estimated way over what we really used. Hopefully we can keep our usage down and get a bill where they owe us money instead of the other way around.

I have been turning off lights in rooms not in use, turning our heat down in the bedroom, keeping the heat at just below what would be 70, watching what I spend on groceries and Christmas gifts, and what could be our biggest frugal move staying out of stores.

So far this month I have managed 5 days where I have not spent any money what so ever. Hubby did spend today, but it is the first day he has spent money this month. Pretty proud of him as it is usually me trying to stay out of stores and such.

I worked one day this week and brought a bit of cash in. Nice as extra money at this time of year is a very good thing.

Using up all leftovers, I do want a zero waste week badly.

Hubby got the snow blower working without resorting to taking it to someone to fix. He also covered the air conditioner we have built into the wall. 

I made a grocery list and for the most part stuck to it. There were some great sales on a couple of items that made it into my basket. I even used a high value coupon and we received another batch of high value coupons that I can use a bit later.

I did my surveys and scanning, receiving another 600 pts. I am almost up to what I need for a Pandora bracelet. Hopefully I will reach that mark by the end of the year.

I only have a couple of extra cleaning jobs to do this month, and hopefully will have a couple (or more of my goals met very soon). Staying home at this time of year seems to keep me on track.

I have finished the back, left side and started the right side of Hubby's Christmas cardigan. I am hoping to get the right side and at least one sleeve done by the end of this week.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Beautiful, Jackie. He will love it. I bet it will be warm too.

    If you'd like the Sleigh ornament, I will guarantee it will make it to Saskatchewan. Grandma is an expert packer and am teaching him all about how to do it. ;-)

  2. I think your are right about the staying at home keeping one on track. I find if I do all of my shop on a Monday, I can usually stay out of the shops for the rest of the week. This week was a bit of an exception as LB needed some items for her cookery class and boy did I pay for that trip as I ended up spending much more on lots of bits and pieces. Hoping not to repeat the experience this week.