Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thrifty Tuesday

I spent much of the day getting household chores accomplished, but I did find some time to do a few thrifty chores as well.

There was lots of bits and pieces of fabric that had taken up residence on my sewing/craft room floor. Today I decided to do something with them. Much was cut into quilting squares.

Some was cut into 2" wide strips to be used in the rug I am collecting knit fabric for.

I even managed to cut this old jeans into usable quilting squares!

The floor in my room now looks much better.

This is the small pile of bits and pieces left from cutting the squares out of denim. I went through all my piles picking out usable pieces and packaged them away (I had lots of little piles by the time I was done). The denim was added to a bag of other small pieces of denim, and the cottons were put in their own bag. The teeny, tiny pieces were added to my recycle bin. Harvey did think I was rather silly to keep the scraps, but who knows down the road I may just try my hand at a postage stamp quilt.

I should be able to make a couple of lovely quilts from the material I have saved over the years. Heck I could probably make many scrappy quilts to keep us warm.

Harvey and I have been turning down the heat in rooms we are not using. I really want to give the power company a surprise when the read the meters in January. Wouldn't it be lovely if they owed us money?

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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