Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Brrr, But Warming Up

 It has been a cold few days here at the old homestead. Just hoping my car starts tomorrow as I need to go shopping. Perhaps we should have started it today at some point. I just did not feel like even sticking my head out the door. I did though to sweep off the front deck and steps, then scurried back into the warmth of the house.

One good thing about two days of brutal cold is that I managed to pretty much tidy and declutter the sewing/craft room. There are a few things left to do in there, and I need to find a bit of space or better organizing of certain sections, but I am happy so far. 

I found a cross stitch picture that I would like to frame and hang in the room so will be searching through my box of frames to see what I can find. I will be looking for some lids to a couple of plastic shoebox sized containers that seem to have gone missing, and working on getting some more scrap knit fabric ready to be fashioned into the rug that I have planned to do for a number of years. I may actually get a start on that very soon.

Our Covid-19 restrictions have been extended until the middle of February I believe. Not that it causes us undue stress, we don't go any where and the only place I do go is shopping or to the ATM at the bank. The savings on gas is amazing when I look at last years budget even with the traveling I did to Kris's to help him out. We were very much under budget. 

I have another two bags of donations to drop off at the Salvation Army as well as some food. I live in a coal and oil city and things are pretty bad right now. Many homes are empty because of the downturn in oil and the fact that they have shut down a coal mine over the last few years. Most houses were bought when the oil boom was on and people paid ridiculous prices for them. Once they lost their jobs or had hours cut, they could no longer afford the payments on them and in many cases just let the banks take them back. Pretty sure we don't have any homeless at this point, but we do have those who need a bit of help making ends meet. I will do what I can.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I have a huge box of wool scraps to make a rug. I wonder if I will ever get to it. Some day? IT is a some day?

  2. How wonderful that you donate the food, Jackie. I've heard food banks are really low, if not empty, in most places. A good percentage of the folks in our county live under the poverty level and our food banks are always cleared out as soon as they're stocked. It sounds like you've got several nice crafty projects ahead of of the many perks of cleaning out the craft room, eh? My unfinished projects always surface when I clean too. :) ~Andrea xoxo

  3. I understand not wanting to go out in the cold. I was going out today but we had another snow last night and I just didn't feel like digging the car out!

    Have you ever tried using pegboard for storage in your sewing room? I got a big piece of it and painted it so it would look better and then hung it on the wall in my sewing room. You can then hang many of the items you use frequently when sewing. I even got some containers that hang on the pegboard that hold safety pins and things like that.

    Take care Jackie!

  4. There has been such a big change in the way people are able to live over the last year. We have more and more houses on the market due to people losing jobs etc. It is such a hard life. And here even the Charity shops have had to close.

  5. I've certainly noticed the difference in my spending as well, not only gas for the car, but also meals out, clothing, and travel.

    We had a bit of snow overnight, not much and it is definitely warmer outside this morning. Take care and stay well!

  6. Well done on the continual decluttering, you're doing a great job.its been 11 degrees here today and it feels so warm. British weather is random, totally random. Yesterday it was 3degrees but felt like minus 1.

  7. Boy you sure have been getting some cold weather, I saw the forecast last night. That is bloody cold! Yes, unfortunately many are in the same boat, too much debt and not the same jobs they had when the oil boom on. I am afraid there is a lot of adjustments coming to the prairies in the coming years.