Monday, January 4, 2021

Menu Monday


The first full week of the year. How very exciting!! Now I get to perhaps add new recipes to the menu, get better at using things up so that nothing goes to waste.


Leftover frozen meatballs in mushroom sauce, served over the leftover rice from last night. I plan on using up the small cabbage in the crisper making some coleslaw to serve as one of the sides, and mixed veggies for the other side.


Leftover ham from Sundays roast meal (6 meal sized bags now reside in my fridge freezer) made into something new. I plan on going online and finding something exciting to make.


Harvey's favourite sausage casserole. I will make a tossed salad to go along with it.


Use up the remains of Tuesday's meal as well as the remains of the tossed salad.


The old standby of glace and eggs which my mom and grandma made when cash was tight or they were saving for something special. 


The leftover sausage casserole. Served with either raw veggies or a salad.


I will remove a package of frozen beef from the fridge freezer, warm it up, make mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Thus using up some beef and still having our roast meal.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.


  1. Your planning puts me to shame. I usually list a few items and pick and choose from those. Otherwise I reach into the freezer and grab what's closest.
    You'll have to tell us about your new recipes...I could use some ideas. Take care and stay well!

  2. Hub's ate the small amount of leftovers from our Sunday dinner and I pulled a bag of turkey out of the freezer and made a turkey stew tomorrow we will have it over biscuits. I will get my girls to take some home.

  3. What a comforting menu plan to start the year. I'm hoping to stick to my menu plans from now on!

  4. With only me to cook for, I do my planning differently. I buy two weeks of groceries then make up my meal p,and. I can usually make the groceries last three and sometimes four weeks. I have a standard menu.