Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thursday Tidbits


I thought I would share with you all my stock up shopping trip from today. Next week I should only need produce, dairy and fruit.

I did buy a few treats as you might have noticed, but now am set for at least a month in that area. The paper towels will last us at least 3 months as I only use them for really messy clean ups.

Total for this trip was $240.00 Canadian, $187 American or 136.58 British pounds sterling. 

Seems like a lot when I read what the rest of you spend, but things here in the middle of Canada are very expensive this time of year. While most was bought on sale the cost of transportation adds a great deal to the price of our groceries. I did save over $25.00 though and managed to get enough to last us quite awhile. I also got free lentils!!! Being a small center we don't have yellow stickered food.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Yes shipping certainly will add to the price of food. But it looks like you did great! Was this for two weeks or a month?

  2. I need to do a food shop today. I don't think we'll last the weekend without at least a top up shop as the fridge and freezer are looking quite empty. I do get a strange sense of satisfaction though, seeing that everything is getting eaten and not wasted.

  3. Looks like some good eatin' there, Jackie! ~Andrea xoxo

  4. Grocery prices have definitely increased over the past year. I used to keep track of the prices but it got depressing. The other thing that keeps happening is the packages get smaller and the price stays the same. Annoys me to no end.

    Take care, stay well!

  5. I did a big shop yesterday too while over on a hospital trip, to cut down on fuel. Like you we pay a dividend for transportation on goods. Have a great weekend.

  6. Yes, things are so much more expensive here than the USA. Even things have gone up this year and then you end up spending more as can't visit many grocery stores to get the best deals. We are limiting our grocery stores to Superstore (order online, contactless pickup only) and one local store that is super expensive. Hubby got caught the other day and spent $16 on grapes because he thought the whole bag was $5.99 but that was per pound. That won't happen again, he was very upset. Not only that but they didn't last very long before going off. But - I can't go in stores as my immune system is at its lowest so it is what it is and we will pay what we have to. So glad we can afford to do so

    1. Have you tried Walmart pickup because it’s free. Superstore has started an $8.00 fee for pickup. It was also free before Christmas.

    2. Have you tried Walmart pickup as there’s no service fee for it in our area. After Christmas Superstore started charging $8.00/order. This made my choice really easy as generally Walmart was fresher in its produce and more items available/ good substitutions.