Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year, Goals, Plans and Perhaps A Change

 The beginning of a brand new year, full of what I hope are surprises, and new learning experiences. 

I no longer really do resolutions as such. I just found that I really couldn't keep them for more than a month or two. If I do monthly or bi-monthly goals I am more inclined to keep to them.

However this year I have added a couple of yearly goals. The first is to get back into decluttering my home. I let this one slide over the past year, and really if I wish to simplify my life I need to rid it of extraneous items. So I started today, with just one little area. The bookcase that resides in our living room. I managed to clear out lots of loose papers (why on earth did I stuff them in there) and 16 other items. It still seems to be a bit cluttered, but I will move on to the storage under the coffee table next (tomorrow). I am taking it day by day and room by room. I might not lose 1000 items as I have other years, but I am striving for at least 500. More would be nice, but if 500 items leave the house I will be doing great.

The other year long goal is to lose a bit more weight. Not striving for more than 15 pounds, and hopefully I will be able to do so by adding a few more steps to my walking routine, and getting back into portion control. Slow and steady is my motto.

Monthly goals will revolve around being a bit more creative with meals, probably trying after this month to fit in a few more meatless meals each month (this slid right on by as well last year). I will also be working on using up my craft stashes. I don't need more yarn, or fabric until what I have collected is used. This really does seem to be an ongoing problem, I get sucked into buying more, instead of using what I have. This year I am going to empty at least two totes of yarn, and perhaps a couple of drawers of fabric.

I am also planning on learning how to use my sock loom, and knitting machine. Making a rug is on the books as well.

Seems like a busy year ahead, but until the vaccine is readily available I have nothing but time....

I am contemplating a change in blog format as well. Just not sure what or how to change things up. I do know I have some deleting to do on my reading list as well as some adding of new and hopefully interesting blogs.

And the biggest one of all, that actually started before the new year. I have quit smoking (done so before but it hasn't lasted nearly as long as it should). This could cause a problem with the weight loss, but if I am very careful I should be able to do both.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking and your other goals. Hope your year is all you wish it to be.

  2. My husband smoked for years and he says quitting was one of the best things he ever did, both for health and for finances.
    We stopped at a convenience store this afternoon to get some tamales for my dad and we were both shocked about the big sign in their window saying Marlboros were $82+ for one carton.

    Best wishes to you and I truly hope you succeed!

  3. Well done for quitting smoking Jackie. It's hard but it will save you a lot of money. I quit when my daughter was a baby, mainly because it made me feel nauseous after the pregnancy, but it was probably a good thing for her growing up too. I'd also like to use more of my fabric stash and declutter more this year, but I haven't set myself any specific goals. I just want to thin things out a bit, as we have so much stuff everywhere, far more than we need. I hope 2021 is a great year for you and your family.

  4. Those are some great goals. Well done. Craft stashes are addictive. My end of year goal was to be firm with myself and empty a couple of totes of real scraps and fabric that was very artificial/nylon and not useful. I did it the day the rubbish bin was collected so there was no going back!

  5. Congrats on ditching the smoking habit. That is the wisest one on your list but I don't need to tell you that.
    Eating healthy is a matter of opinion - for me I cut out carbs (I've fallen off that wagon since October) and eat more fat. It is a great way to lose pounds but I don't cut out meat.
    Resolutions never work for me either, maybe if we made one to GAIN weight the opposite would happen there too! hahaha

  6. Congratulations on the quitting smoking, I did some years ago so I know how hard it can be. Wishing you well with your goals for 2021, every blessing.

  7. It sounds like you have some lofty and wonderful goals for 2021, Jackie. Good luck on them all. You can do it! ~Andrea xoxo

  8. I am really hoping to lose 2 stones in the next twelve mon ths...and keep it off...have made myself a self care printout. Happy New Year! x