Friday, January 8, 2021

Frugal Friday


For now I will carry on with my posts in the usual fashion. Not too sure how I want to change things up. 

So what were the frugal happenings here this week.

Using the treadmill for my daily walk while it was icy out.

Opening the drapes on those sunny days to take advantage of the solar heat from the sun.

Running around and turning off lights that Harvey left on.

Having a couple of cook once eat twice meals. As well as using things up from the fridge freezer.

Baking bread once again.

I did not save as much on my groceries this week but at least I did save $4.80. I also saved a bit at Walmart. I picked up some red beads to use on next years tree for a 75% savings (cost was $1.00 a package instead of $4.00) and Harvey's nicotine gum was on sale at $5.00 of a package. 

I have been using up scraps of fabric and making new items to be used around the house. 

Downloaded some more free books, and got a code for my "birthday" for 20% off the purchase of an ebook (better use that before I lose it). 

I was asked if I time my walks or count steps. I actually do both when I walk. My doctor said in order to build bone I need to walk at least 25 minutes a day. Then my watch also counts how many steps I take each day. It actually gives me a goal that I must reach each day for steps. Kind of like that, except when it reaches like 15k steps each day. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I do alot of cook once eat twice. It saves time and money.

  2. I just caught up with reading your blog Jackie. Your Christmas photos are wonderful. I'm so glad you had a lovely family time with your sons. You all gave and received amazing gifts.
    I have to say , we watched the drama unfolding in the US with utter horror and disbelief. Praying that things settle down and that no one else gets hurt.
    Stay safe x

  3. I like to batch cook so that we benefit for some meals that take a long time to cook several times.

  4. I almost always make too much so end up with leftovers. At least once a week we have a leftover night.

    15K steps a day? That is impressive! I try for 8K and am thrilled to hit 10.

    Take care and stay well.

  5. You did well on your Frugal Friday, you usually do things that I never think of. :)
    My doc said the same thing. 25-30 min. per day is enough for our bones and for me he said no need to worry about getting the heart rate up. Just walk normal. Good for you using the treadmill when you can't get out. My goal per day is only 8,000 and often I still don't reach it as it would mean about an hour walk.