Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Ramblings

 Well, we have reached the end of this the first month of a new year. Really not much has changed so far. We are still wearing masks, limiting our trips to the grocery store, and hoping to have a jab sometime soon. Though the jab might not happen until much later. 

We still have anti-maskers, and anti-vaxxers roaming the streets causing problems. We had people calling for a lock down of our boarders and now that we have one, well they are yelling about that (recognise some of the names). These are the same people who were screaming that we should be doing what New Zealand is doing and now that we are, well they are screaming their rights are being trampled on. I feel sorry for those in government as they are never going to please these people no matter what they do.

Project declutter has gone very well this month, and hopefully will continue to do so next month. I rid our home of 376 items, and will be going through my closet once again. I am sure there are a few more things that can be donated.

Using up the various craft stashes as well. I am working on the 6th ball of yarn right now, and my bits and bobs that I use for the temperature blanket are slowly but surely going down. If I think there is enough I may make one for when our youngest was born. The more knit blankets and quilts we have the better prepared we are for a power outage. We had one of those during our wind storm this month and the power was out for 6 hours. Thank heavens most of it was during the night.

I am also busy using up those frozen packages of meat. I am hoping to get the fridge freezer cleaned out again during the month of February. Most of those frozen meat packages are ham so I will be interspersing other things between using them up. Most times I manage to cook once and eat twice lately. Guess I am still over cooking since the sons were home. 

Also I am making big salads and storing them in a Tupperware type container. We can nibble on that for a few meals and lunches. Saves me lots of time in the kitchen doing it this way. 

I did not get all my projects done this month, think I might be project fatigued. Hopefully more will be done over this coming month. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Wow great on the de clutter. I could probably do a challenge like that even though we just moved in here!

  2. It sounds good to have a temperature blanket to use against power cuts! Could we see photos of it?

  3. Do your salads get "wilty" being made ahead of time, Jackie? Or does the Tupperware container keep them crisp? I love Tupperware and haven't been to a party in a very long time. I wish the home parties would start up again, of course after the virus is finished. Maybe they will, as people will appreciate a good home party after this horrible time of isolation. ~Andrea xoxo

  4. Wow, you did really well on the decluttering. Brilliant work.

  5. That is a lot of items to be rid of, good job!
    I always think I'd like more salads but with this winter being a REAL winter for us, can't get into them much. Down south, we would have one many times through the week and of course our summers home when it is warm.
    Stay well!

  6. Well done on the decluttering. Like you I am using a lot of the meat and meals out of the freezer and plan to make jam or something to use some of the fruit stored there.

  7. Great progress with the decluttering!

    I know what you mean about Project Fatigue. I made so many things during lockdown 1, now I'm just at the point where I'd like to not have something to finish and maybe even visit a shop the next time I want something new!

  8. You always impress me with your productivity, even if you didn't get all your projects completed.

    Take care, stay well!

  9. I completely agree with you - people complain about everything. I am glad the border is locked down more - if people must leave then they must pay when they return. Not only that but they were WARNED time and time again that tighter border restrictions were coming and yet waited until they were implemented to try and get home?!?!!! People need more accountability these days.

  10. Are your decluttering items all for this year. If so, that’s very impressive.