Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


I have been carrying on with the usual thrifty things around the house.

Mending, cooking once and eating twice, as well as trying my best not to waste anything. Our Covid-19 restrictions have been extended for another two weeks which means there have been more cases popping up. Not so much in my little area, but in the area beside us and in the rest of the province. 

To me this means I need to be a bit more careful going out and about, so grocery shopping will be in and out quickly with a list, making sure I have everything I need in the way of produce, dairy and fruit. I will also only be going into one store so I must make sure to shop with thrifty in mind. I have been buying more produce that will last longer. Things like rutabaga, cabbage, celery, carrots, and such. 

We are also under a weather watch right now and into Friday. This could mean that I might need to make things last a bit longer. Five inches of snow, plus high winds make going out a bit hazardous in the city. I do not want to get stuck anywhere, nor do I want to be on the road with some of the drivers we have here. Not at all safe.

Slowly getting through the Christmas baking. Tonight I will be putting things into smaller containers and then washing the bigger ones tomorrow morning. 

I have been gathering together my bits and bobs of yarn. Once I get some other knitting completed I will use up those bits and bobs in a knitted blanket. Not only will I be using up what other people I know would be throwing out, I will be making something very useful. That makes me feel good.

I emptied a few plastic containers this week and have washed them out and put them with the collection that I have. I use these to put various meals in to freeze. It works wonderfully. I also use some to store beads, shoe laces that I use in sewing, and some of my glitter tubes in. Keeping everything together in a labeled container of some sort helps me find things a bit quicker. Believe me in my sewing/craft room mess that is a necessity. I have paid for those containers so I want to use them.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I am so low on containers right now becasue i have taken so much food to the girls. I need to go to their places and go through and get what is mine. They are lucky to get to my place with the baby and diapers.

  2. I hope you can get your groceries before any storm moves in. I'm like you about saving plastic containers as they are so handy for food and also craft supplies. Take care and stay safe!

  3. I did the same yesterday when I went shopping, bought long life milk and vegetables that would last longer as well as some extras for the freezer.

  4. I heard about that weather advisory for you folks in Canada, Jackie. Stay safe! It sounds like you're stocked up well on provisions to get through any nasty weather you may have. ~Andrea xoxo

  5. We're expecting that storm here too, but hopefully with less snow in it. It is already raining here (noon'ish), and the winds are supposed to pick up this evening. I went out and did my grocery run this morning. Hopefully the storm isn't as bad as the weatherman is suggesting but in any event I'm prepared to hunker down at home.

    I keep some plastic containers, like you for craft supplies and the like, but my mom was the hoarder extraordinaire. I think we threw out a few hundred plastic containers when we were cleaning out the house. :)

    Take care, stay well!

    1. The snow actually missed us which is a good thing. Our youngest, said your winds broke a record. I think ours did as well.

      God bless.