Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Mid Week Blahs

 Not really feeling upbeat and with it right now. I think it is probably worry about the weather (March here in Saskatchewan is nothing if not unpredictable), what is wrong with Kurt's vehicle, and how Kris is doing after the first full month in his new home and probably his first mortgage payment, power, phone, cable, and gas bills. 

Part of it could also be a bit of worry about going back up to Regina to see the specialist for the results of last month's tests. I hate having to wait for a month before getting results.

I have been working on my various projects, and am slowly but surely getting a few of them completed. However just like last month I seesaw between projects and don't seem to be able to concentrate on one for very long. 

This is what I have gotten done so far.

The one pair of socks done and put away.

The yarn wreath was finished this morning. I just have to figure out a way to hang it and where I want it hung.

I knit three scarves, and knit the toque.

Working on cross stitch about 2 hours a day when it is sunny. 

Matched sewing patterns to fabric.

What I haven't got done,

No sewing of shorts (hope to do that on Friday).

Projects I added to the month cause I didn't feel like sewing those shorts.

Knitting more dishcloths (I am on number 3).

Sewing cushion inserts for some cushions for Kris.

Sewing cushion covers for the inserts above (need to make them so they can be removed for washing).

Planning on the patching of Kris's quilt. I may work on that as well since we could take it up to him this weekend.

Who knows in my inability to keep working on one item at a time, I may just be able to add a few more items to my list for the month.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling your best. I'm sure it is difficult to wait for a month to get test results! You always do a great job of staying busy and getting many things done. I'm hoping the time will pass quickly for you until you get the test results. Take care!

  2. You have lots on your mind. In my opinion, if the results of the tests weren't good, you would have heard from your doctor already. As for your sons, I know we always about our kids. Though thinking back to when I was their age(s), I don't recall thinking my parents had anything to worry about in reference to me.

    I haven't worked on a single project, unless one counts Ancestry, for the entire month. Just haven't had the mojo and generally I work on things when the curling is on.

    Snow in the forecast for later today - hope it misses you.

  3. I am sorry you are blah! I would not like to wait for news from a doctor either. But cheer up my friend. Spring is coming! You have great sons. You are blessed.

  4. I often add more interesting items to my to do list if the existing ones don't really inspire me. Maybe you just need a bit of a change at the moment. There's nothing wrong with that. You'll get back to the other jobs at some point.

  5. You mention seesawing between projects - that's something I do all the time. I always seem to have at least two knitting projects on the go (one is pretty much always a pair of socks) and often mix in a crochet project. The sewing room is usually kept pretty constant and I try to finish one project before starting another.

  6. Let's hope no news is good news regarding results of the tests. It's very frustrating waiting so long. Try not to worry about everything (says she....major worrier!) too much, I'm sure everything will turn out well. Take care xx