Saturday, March 5, 2022

Saturday Roundup


Saturday, and another snowy, overcast day. So plans changed a little bit. 

I did some organizing in the spare bedroom to see if I could get my toaster oven on one of the shelves. I don't know about you, but I am way more inclined to make use of something if it is readily available. Going downstairs to collect it off the shelves is not really my idea of being easy to find and use. 

I have decided to donate the two items of Christmas décor that I still have out. If I can't find a place for them to be stored, well I guess they are not really important to me any longer. So they are now bagged up and ready for donation. I have some books I need to go through and see if there are any that I am willing (notice I say willing as I have a hard time letting go of my books) to donate as well. 

I sent in my shopping scans this morning and I am up to almost 30,000 points. Not sure what I am going to use them for.

I have been getting lots of emails for survey's from the two other survey groups I joined. I think I just might have to spend some time doing those again. Right now I think that every little bit will help over time and with those I can get Amazon gift cards or Visa gift cards. Visa cards are probably the best bet for me as I use my Visa card for shopping (pay it off every month) for the extra money I get back at the end of the year.

Instead of baking today I pulled out a bag of applesauce muffins from the freezer. We may as well finish those off first, before I add anything. 

I even did some extra chores like washing down the freezers, washer and dryer in the basement, and I washed the floor in our bedroom. 

Harvey is getting ready for the next step in making his red wine, and did some snow blowing as well. Mind you the snow blowing will more than likely need doing once again tomorrow.

Gradually working on my Dreams, I managed to get a bit more done on the yarn wreath, and have been knitting on the scarf (almost finished the first ball of yarn). Sewing the shorts will happen tomorrow as I have a feeling there will be cloud cover once again. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. You always get so much accomplished! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Sounds like you've been super busy and productive Jackie. Well done.

  3. We can use Shopping points to donate to the Ukraine fund, I discovered this yesterday.

  4. What a wonderfully productive day Jackie. I noticed that lots of shops are collecting for Ukraine and taking Russian products off the shelves too.
    Hope Kris is settling in to his new home x

  5. I made it home this afternoon, with clear highways and lots of sunshine. Sure feels great after all the snow this weekend.

    I used to keep books, lots and lots of them, but although I re-read many of them, they simply gathered dust so it was time to do a clear out. Now I keep a box and though I will keep a few faves, the rest get transferred to the box for donation.

    You're definitely keeping busy. Maybe the extra cleaning is a harbinger to spring arriving soon. I sure hope so. :)