Saturday, March 12, 2022

Saturday Roundup


I was in a great deal of shock today when I went shopping. Prices have risen once again. I was very surprised at how much higher certain items were. Eggs went up over a dollar for 18, flour (the least expensive) and already risen two dollars for a large bag. Never mind the cost of meat. I am worried at how those that don't know to budget or have a stocked pantry are going to be able to eat. I know I am lucky in that Harvey pretty much eats whatever is put in front of him, and is willing to try new things. 

This uptick in prices will make budgeting an adventure, but one that I hope to excel at eventually. Also looking forward to getting our garden in and producing.

The week has been one of going over costs, trying to find ways to save a penny here and a dollar there. Small savings add up.

Now that the sun is shining more our gas bill should go down, and that will be fairly large savings. Today however the sun just came out at 4:00 pm so the furnace ran a few times even though it is fairly warm out. 

I finished a scarf this week, started the second one (about 3" completed now), worked a bit on my cross stitch, baked an apple strudel using up more of the frozen pie filling and the remainder of the phyllo pastry sheets. Bread has been baked twice this week and a package of store bought bagels eaten (one left in the freezer that had been bought on sale, but the new price is one that makes me want to try making them at home). 

No real waste this week, and tonight I will use up the remaining mashed potatoes making potato cakes tonight to go with our porkchops and salad. 

I have checked out the Kobo store and there are a couple of frugal living books that are fairly decently priced, so tonight I will download those onto my reader and see if I can find any new tricks.

As far as grocery spending today, not all of this is for food stuffs. I bought some supplements, candles, some stuffing for cushions and a sheet set as well. In Canadian funds I spent $461.13 total. Changed into American funds that is $361.95 and in pounds it is 277.65. While this might sound pretty outrageous, this is for two weeks and in some cases even longer. Some of the supplements I will not have to purchase for over a month. Still I plan on working this down even lower over the coming months. We really do not have great sales here in my city and finding coupons is very difficult. Hence why I try and cut other bills in some fashion. 

Tonight I am doing some appliance cooking once again. Our porkchops are being baked in the toaster oven, salad is resting in the fridge (should be enough made to eat on it for a couple of days), the bread machine was used to make the bread and even bake it (makes a horizontal loaf). I will have to use the stove top to make the potato cakes, but that is only for a few minutes. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. We are all going to have to be more creative when it comes to grocery shopping and what we eat. Resident Chef has been making cheese from homemade kefir. Adding some spices to it makes it taste just like the really expensive Boursin cheese from the store.

  2. I've been digging out some of my old cookbooks that caters to a frugal lifestyle. I'm concerned about the younger generation that have never had hard times. Even my sons, 37 and 41 are wondering how they are going to do this. Good thing, their Mom knows how and I learned it from my mom and she learned it from hers.

    My husband is like yours - he'll eat anything that is put before him without any complaint. His Mom taught him, right as well.

  3. Our grocery bill has been going up weekly. Your total cost does not sound bad since you got supplements, sheets and some other non-food items. It seems like the supplements we buy are going up quite a bit these day and they were never cheap! Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. What are the new frugal living books? Always like to know!

  5. I wish I could say that B eats anything put in front of him, but he is picky and he is not into leftovers. So any leftovers are usually for me as lunches, dinners, etc.

  6. We are expecting big price rises in the uk as fuel prices have been shocking here. I feel so fortunate to have solar panels to help offset the cost of electricity. Like you I’m planning to produce more in my garden this year.

  7. Wow,some of your price rises are pretty high. Things are also going up here, but not to the same extent. I think that it will be fuel prices here that will be the main problem, although food price rises might get worse yet.