Friday, April 5, 2019

Frugal Friday

1.  Watching various programs on my box. I am happy to only pay one fee instead of numerous fees (Netflix, Acorn, Prime, Brit Box) and still have wonderful programming. I might have to wait awhile for the newest programs but I love what I am getting.

2.  Using up scrap fabric and making quilt tops. Two will be for us here at home and any other's will be taken to the family reunion and put in the silent auction. Clearing things out, and removing items totally from our home.

3.  Still using up those sample sized lotions and potions. Hopefully I will have a few more cleared out soon.

4.  Tried a new recipe for leftover roast beef and Harvey really liked it. Sorry no picture taken but I will share the recipe with you all later. It managed to use up lots of bits and pieces in the fridge.

5.  Saved $1800.00 on a new treadmill. Just goes to show you all the markup on items in stores. Still it did cost us almost $1000.00 but that was much easier to swallow than the regular price. I now have the limo of treadmills residing in my basement. While this might not seem frugal it really is in our case. In order to build bone I need to walk at least 25 minutes every day at a fairly decent clip. Me, well if I am walking outside I kind of dawdle along, stopping to look at gardens or to talk to someone. The treadmill keeps me focused and working out. Not only am I building bone (at least I hope), I am also getting rid of that nasty cholesterol.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Good luck with the treadmill walking Jackie. I imagine it's really useful when you get lots of snow too and can't get outside easily.

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