Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Once Again Playing Catch Up

I am going to start this post with my weekly menu plans.


Since we will be out in the city for an appointment we will be eating out.


Leftover pork roast from the fridge freezer made into a really large stir fry, served over rice. The extra stir fry has been put into a container, and will be kept in the freezer downstairs until needed.


Soup and Sandwiches. I will probably make a veggie soup and serve salmon sandwiches with it.


Leftover ham made into a casserole. Served with coleslaw. 


Eggplant Parma.


Depending on when Kris has to leave to head back to the city this will either be our Easter supper which means turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, salad, a veggie, gravy, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. 


Homemade pizza. 

Saturday and Sunday are able to be changed at the drop of a hat.

Lunches will be sandwiches or leftovers.

Now on to Tuesdays regularly scheduled post.

I have tried to be as thrifty as possible this week, but things were a bit confused.

I didn't go to Walmart this week as I managed to buy enough of what we needed there for a full two weeks (hope to do the same this week).

Grocery bills were down. I actually managed to save another $9.76 and got my turkey for 99 cents a pound. Pretty happy about that purchase.

Couldn't hang clothes outside on the lines, but I am hopeful that I will be able to do so this week. Instead I hung as much as I could on the downstairs lines.

I used up more of the strips of fabric to fashion another 2 quilt tops.

Altered 4 skirts to fit now and tried on a few that were tight last year. Those tight skirts now fit nicely. I shouldn't need to buy any dressy clothes at all for spring and summer.

My monthly challenge is finished!!! I got that 3 drawer plastic storage case out of my sewing/craft room and hopefully next month I can pick another challenge in that room and get it completed as well. I am thinking something to do with yarn this time. My stash of this seems to have grown by leaps and bounds.

Tomorrow I will share how I am doing on my monthly goals, and fill all of you in on what has been happening around here to cause me to play catch up once again.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

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