Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Thrifty Tuesday

This past week has seen a few thrifty moves. Ones that I had planned on for awhile, but never gotten around to. Well, that is until I actually gave myself the challenge of clearing out that one set of storage drawers in the sewing/craft room.

I managed to complete two quilt tops and pinned a third (partially) out of just the strips I had cut and saved over the past few years. No hesitation on my part thinking I might need them later on. 

I also took the small strip of foam board that was left, repressed some of the cross stitch projects that needed to be mounted and got those completed as well. I even found some old frames and managed to get them framed as well also. There are still 4 cross stitched pieces to do and I have one more foam board to use, hopefully I will get at least 3 more mounted. Frame wise I don't have any that will fit so when I go shopping on Thursday a swing by the Salvation Army Thrift store will be necessary. 

Pictures of the quilt tops and cross stitch will be up tomorrow.

I have managed to use up all leftovers except for a spoonful of leftover Lazy Perogies. So doing very well on that front as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Good for you.....I need to light a fire under my tired fanny and get some sewing done! I bought fabric at Joann to make some valances for our kitchen and living rooom areas. I got one done yesterday, but I am making dumb mistakes in my sewing, it seems It took way too long to make one valance. Off to start on some others. Have a blessed day, Jackie. Mary

  2. looking forward to seeing your finished products.....

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