Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Update On Goals From Last Month and Goals For April

1.  Work on temperature blanket.  Done

2.  Work on quilt and hopefully finish it this month.  Done

3.  Knit cardigan sweater for myself.  Carried over

4.  Knit one prayer shawl.  Done

5. Work on unfinished embroidery projects.  Done

6.  Continue to make meatless meals (at least 8).  Done

7.  Continue project declutter.  Done

8.  Sew another infinity scarf from knit fabric remnants.  Done

9.  Sew three new projects for myself for both fall/winter and spring/summer.  Carried over

10.  Plant starter plants.  Done

11.  Income tax to the accountant.  Done

I really didn't do too badly at all. Though for awhile I wondered if anything would be finished.

Now on to this months goals.

1.  Knit cardigan for me.

2.  Sew three projects for myself.

3.  Alter skirts.

4.  Knit one prayer shawl.

5.  Decluttering.

6.  Work on temperature blanket.

7.  Sew 2 new quilt tops.

8.  Mount and frame more cross stitch.

9.  Tidy up sewing/craft room again.

10.  Cut out 2 more patterns.

11.  Make up stock up list.

12.  Swap out wardrobe for spring/summer clothing.

13.  Use some of the smaller balls of yarn to knit squares for a blanket.

A couple of these goals will help with my main challenge for the month. The getting rid of one set of drawers I use to store fabric strips and scraps will give me more room in the sewing/craft room. Hopefully I will manage to get everything done before spring planting hits. I already started pinning together 2" strips to make one of the two quilt tops. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Isn’t it great after all your walking that you need to “alter” skirts. Well done, Jackie!

    1. I love it!! So glad that I use a very simple pattern when I make my skirts so they will be easy to alter.

      God bless.

  2. What is a temperature blanket? 🤔

    1. Margie, everyday at around 6 am I look at what the temperature feels like. I then take and knit a row of the blanket using the colour of yarn I have chosen for the range of temperatures it falls in.

      I might have to change the checking of the temperature time to later in the day come summer. I want the highest feels like temperature.

      God bless.