Monday, April 1, 2019

Menu Monday

So here we are at the beginning of a brand new month, full of new opportunities. I am hoping that this month is just as wonderful as the last.

I did my monthly menu up the middle of last week. I hope to stick to it as much as possible. Things do come up which cause me to change things around (such as too many leftovers in the fridge), but I am hoping to continue using things up in both my freezers this month.


Hamburgers with lots of toppings, baked beans.


The leftover beef roast made into a casserole or perhaps a pasta dish that uses up some of my cherry tomatoes in the fridge.


Porkchops, the leftover potatoes fried up with some onion, corn and a salad.


The leftover beef concoction (since I can't decide what I am making) along with the leftover salad. If there is no leftovers (doubtful) I will make some kind of soup to use up some of the turkey stock in the freezer.


Lazy Perogie casserole and a salad (probably kale).


Hotdogs, pasta, and leftover salad.


Pork roast, and a tray of roasted veggies.

Now some updates on my various monthly projects and my new challenge for this month.

So far this year I have removed 141 more items from the house. Not bad, but I am sure I can do much better.

My challenge this month is to use up the scrap fabric I have collected over the years into useable quilts or perhaps even bags. I also want to try and use my  stash up more. All this will lead to me being able to rid the sewing/craft room of some boxes and storage drawers in preparation of moving this computer desk set up into the room.

Tomorrow I will update you on how the chest freezer challenge went. Before and after pictures will be posted.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


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    Thank you Jackie for all your writing and wisdom.