Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a lovely sunny day. The temperatures reached the mid teens and it wasn't until tonight that the sky started to cloud over. I have a few aches and pains but that could be due to a change coming up in our weather.

Yesterday I got an email asking when I could serve in one of the ministries at Mass next month, and then today I got a phone call from the head of Liturgy asking if I could help out during Holy Week and Palm Sunday. I told G that I needed to wait until after I got my test results back on the 15th before I decided anything. If I fill out the form on line the day I get home I will make the deadline for the month of May. I really do wonder where all the people are who complain about not getting enough time in their ministry are. I should not have mattered that I did not phone the head as according to those in the know we have more than enough people to fill spots.... Guess even in church some people are prone to exaggeration. 

I am really trying to draw back from serving. I am tired of feeling used (odd thing for me to say, but true none the less) and need a break. I want to do what I feel I am called to do and I no longer am sure I am called to serve as a Lector or Communion Minister, or even as Mass Coordinator. Things are becoming too much of a show for my liking.

Spent most of the day moving my wardrobe around. Now all my spring and summer clothes are out and the winter packed away. 

I have also spent some time working in the sewing room cleaning up and decluttering. Things are beginning to once again take shape.

While I did no sewing today, I pinned things together for the next quilt top and worked on my knitted prayer shawl. 

Just a lovely and laid back kind of day.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Jackie, I so understand how you are feeling about the ministries. I am now 67 and trying to draw back on some things, while maintaining years of service to other ones at the same level. Others seem to think it is their job to stop me from doing that. I want to go where God leads me and also encourage younger peope to recognize the need for stewardship. We give much more than 10% to support our church and we keep getting asked for more. That does not account for all the charities we donate to that the church does not even know about, and now we are supporting flood disaster relief here, also helping those we know who are in need with cash donations that won't be tax deductible,
    (in addition to flood disaster relief donations at church). It is exhausting to be put into this position over and over again. I wish they understood that we are giving sacrifically of both time and money, but they don't. I soothe my bad feelings about this by knowing that God is fully aware of what we are doing.


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