Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Mid Month Update

1.  Knit cardigan for me.  Working on, though I must admit not that much.
2.  Sew three projects for myself.  Plan on starting this tomorrow.
3.  Alter skirts.  Done
4.  Knit one prayer shawl.  Done
5.  Decluttering.  Working on this constantly and I will update you all on how much since January has left the house at the end of the month.
6.  Work on temperature blanket.  Doing my one row a day.
7.  Sew 2 new quilt tops.  Actually managed to get 4 quilt tops completed and found another I had done awhile back.
8.  Mount and frame more cross stitch.  Mounted and framed 3 more cross stich. I have trimmed a couple more and hope to finish all mounting (probably not all framed though) by the end of the month.
9.  Tidy up sewing/craft room again.  Things are beginning to look decent in the room. I work on things as I declutter.
10.  Cut out 2 more patterns.  Not done.
11.  Make up stock up list. Done
12.  Swap out wardrobe for spring/summer clothing.  Done
13.  Use some of the smaller balls of yarn to knit squares for a blanket.  Started and I have 2 small squares completed.

So things are not looking too bad for this months goals. I do need to knuckle down and get the sewing accomplished as well as the cardi. 

Now on to why I have been here and yet not here.

I had my cervical biopsy done last month and on Monday we made the trek to the city 2 hours away for the results. 

I can rest a bit easier in that the cells were not cancer, but what is called pre-cancerous. The specialist recommended surgery and gave me two choices. Needless to say I chose to have a total hysterectomy, mainly because he could not promise that these cells would not appear at a later date perhaps even when I was much older and less able to take the surgical interference. So once my doctor here gets the pre-op paper work done and sent back I should be back in the city within 2 to 6 weeks of that date. Finally an end is in sight, and I can rest a bit easier.

(Pictures tomorrow of the other quilt tops)

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Hi Jackie - I'm a new reader of your blog, from Scotland. Just wanted to wish you all the best as you wait for your operation. Take care.
    Lesley in Livingston.

    1. Welcome. I love when I get new readers.

      God Bless.