Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Thrifty Tuesday

This has been a week of small thrifty moves. Nothing on a really big scale, but as we all know small moves can add up really quickly.

I am stretching smaller amounts of meat in our meals. I doubt very much that Harvey even realized all I had was 1 cup of diced meat in our supper tonight (of course it was whizzed through the food processor along with veggies so it seemed like much more). So when packaging up leftover roasts, chicken, turkey and pork I am going to have to make the packages smaller yet. That means more meals for the two of us.

I also bought a flannel nighty last week for $5.00 (regularly $20.00) and noticed that part of the seam on the yoke was coming apart. A quick little job on the sewing machine today and it is as good as new. 

The frame for my cross stitch picture was some plastic edging Harvey had in his work room downstairs.

The foam board that I used to mount said picture had some left over. This will be used to mount some smaller cross stitch pictures and some old frames will be used as well.

I found a dresser scarf I had embroidered awhile ago. Hemmed it up today and it fits perfectly in the window well of the basement bedroom/library. It will protect the surface of the sheetrock nicely.

Now on to the challenge I completed (well to the best of my ability) last month.

This is what my small chest freezer looked like at the beginning of this challenge.

And these two pictures show what it looks like now.

So very much better.

I have started this month's challenge of using up as much of the scrap fabric and 2" strips as I can. I foresee some new lap quilts coming up.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

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  1. wow...your freezer is as empty as mine...I, too, cleaned mine last week (the smaller one)and the large upright in the garage is almost empty. Hoping to get a lot of fruit to freeze....