Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A New Set Up

The desk is up, sewing machines placed, and a bit of organizing accomplished.

I promised to share some pictures of what I am calling the new improved sewing/craft room when I was finished, but decided to share a few with you all now.

My two sergers finally up and both almost ready to use. There is one that is scaring me a little bit as it is a 5 spool. I had forgotten that until I took it out of the case. I may be rethinking how I am going to thread it, plus I need a bit of practice threading it.

My embroidery machine and the machine I usually use for quilting and regular sewing.  Notice the white desk top. Harvey made me a new extention, he plans on adding a bit of trim to make it look a bit more put together. He used MDF that he had in his basement work room.

The old desktop computer. Now I can download embroidery patterns right onto my machine. 

My Cricut machine just tucks right in and will be moved out when in use. It is also attached to the computer. Thank heavens for USB hubs.

You probably noticed the boxes and storage drawers under the desks. Those contain some of my yarn stash and fabric stash.

Now on to the areas that I am still working slowly on.

More storage, The fabric on top is ready to be cut and packaged into cut out projects so things will get much neater as time goes on.

The sewing machine is my mother's old one. It is solid metal and is just wonderful for fixing hems on denim jeans and heavier sewing. The machine Kurt gave me as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago is tucked under the computer. That is staying as a portable machine, cause I know I will want to sew in the living room once in awhile.

Now on to an even more disorganised area.

I have been working on this area today and managed to clean it up a bit. Still more work is needed and once done I will take a photo to show the improvement. 

I did my first sewing in the room yesterday. Just a bit of mending, but it was nice to have room to move around.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. That looks a wonderful craft room. You will be SO creative!

  2. It's do much better when you have everything to hand liked that.