Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

The past couple of days have flown by, probably because I have been busy with garden produce. Once again things seem to be coming all at once, but I am not going to complain. Every little bit we eat, freeze or can from our garden helps lower the grocery bill.

Finished the knitted Christmas gifts for Kurt and Kris. I am still trying to figure out how to bring my vision to reality for the hanging bands for their various pins. I plan on cutting them out and sewing them on Tuesday. I had thought about doing them tomorrow, but a visit to the garden late this afternoon yielded more produce to be processed.

Mass actually ended almost on time. It seems that Father is getting a bit better about cutting his homilies and not repeating the same thing over and over. My thoughts on todays homily are slightly strange. Trying to match what Father said with what I have heard before. I do think that as long as we use the talents God gave us to further his kingdom we are doing what we are asked. The problem being that not everyone knows their talents and that talents change as we get older and hopefully wiser. I know that what I felt called to do 20 years ago is not feeling like a good fit right now. I want a more hands on approach and so I have been contemplating in which direction to move.

I am sure once I have it figured out things will be full steam ahead, no holds allowed.

There is one other thing I noticed on my short walks today (between pickle making and dehydrating), lots of the poplars here in the city have started to change colour. It looks as if we could have a very early fall.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. Yes, my calling has definitely changed as I get older. The things which gave me a buzz twenty years ago are things which quite honestly I'm not much good at now but the talents I'm discovering as I get older would have amazed my younger self.