Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday Roundup

I have managed to keep up with all the household chores plus the harvesting and processing of the garden. Today was supposed to be a harvest day, but we have been having thunder storms all day, ground is wet and muddy so things will be put off until tomorrow after Mass. Great thing is that I haven't had to water the boxes and pots.

Decluttering is moving along. I have now removed 368 items from the house and perhaps I will reach my goal of 500 items yet.

Sewing of one cut out pattern, and setting up the machine for the next project is done. Hopefully I can continue with getting some of my project goals done for the month. Perhaps even get ahead a bit, though time is running out.

I have been noticing that the trees are changing colour with greater speed. I think we are getting closer to having an early fall and winter. Not looking forward to that at all as it means treadmill time. Since I broke my wrist Harvey does not let me walk outside if it is icy just in case I fall and break another bone.

Really it has just been another week like any other here on the old homestead. Projects for both Harvey and I are being completed, discussions with our financial advisor, and just plain living from day to day. So looking forward to our trip to the cabin early next month, hiking and just removing ourselves from the usual day to day chores.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I'm decluttering and trying to minimalize my home. I just got rid of my bedroom dresser, and moved a chest into my closet. I downsized my clothing "collection" to one that is easily managed in a small closet. Now I can vacuum my bedroom carpet without a lot of cumbersome furnture. I sleep better at night. lol

    Fall is my favorite time of year but we're not seeing it yet and probably won't see our trees turn until at least October. I live in Shasta county in N. California. We are still having our normal 105+ HOT and DRY temps. I am so ready for Fall and a wet cool, rainy winter!!!