Friday, August 9, 2019

Frugal Friday

It seems as if Fridays are coming up faster and faster. The beginning of a weekend for those that work, a continuation of the week for those of us who have retired.

1.  Booked a few days away at a cabin about 6 hours from us. Since it is the off season we saved approximately $100.00 a night and did not have to book for the full week.

2.  Laundry all hung on the outside lines.

3.  Using water from the rain barrel for watering my plants.

4.  Eating more and more produce from the garden, and now I am beginning to freeze and probably can things for the winter. I am also using up my leftovers from the fridge regularly thus saving money and not wasting anything.

5.  My savings grocery shopping weren't that great this week, but at least I managed to save $9.62.

6.  More decluttering done, and I spoke to my sister and asked if her granddaughter would like my Nancy Drew books (I do have most of the hard cover series). I had been saving them in case I had a granddaughter, but that does not look like it will happen. This way they stay in the family and I empty a couple of shelves on the bookcase.

7.  Still using up leftover yarn to knit a few Christmas gifts.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I loved to read Nancy Drew mysteries....never have read the whole set but sure enjoyed the ones I had the opportunity to. That's wonderful you shared them!

  2. My daughter used to love Nancy Drew books. Lots of frugal things there.