Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a quiet day on the old homestead. It rained this morning so while the temperature was not really that high, most of the day was muggy and since the garden was soggy no harvesting was accomplished (did not feel like scraping mud off my shoes or fighting off mosquitos, left that until tomorrow when it should be a slight bit dryer out there).

Instead, I spent time in the sewing/craft room completing another project, much like I did yesterday. Today though was the finishing off of Christmas gifts for our sons.

A banner for the hockey pins we got over the years. For some odd reason I thought there was more for Kurt, but then again many times he played on the same team two years in a row.

Two blue bath scrubbies for Kurt, three cotton knit dishcloths, and a knit bag for all those plastic bags he usually leaves lying around the house.

Kris got the same things as Kurt only  he has some washed out purple scrubbies.

I am hoping this organizes them just a little bit and helps them get rid of the clutter.

I finished this 

a couple of days ago. Not quite what I had hoped it would look like, but it will make a lovely lap blanket on chilly winter days.

I hope to get more accomplished in the goal department over the next week. Wish me luck.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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