Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Stocking Up For Winter Projects

When we do a stock up shop, not only do we stock up on food we also stock up on hobby and craft items.

This trip was no different than the many we did before.

First we hit the wine making shop and picked up a few kits for Harvey. Wine making (along with wood work) is his hobby. So right now he has two different wines cooking in the basement. A red wine from Chili, and an ice wine (peach flavoured so I am not too sure about that one). Once those are bottled he will make the white wine.

Me, well I stuck to my usual haunts, Michael's and Fabricland.

In Michael's I picked up some embroidery floss, yarn, some items for my Cricut (other items will need to be ordered online next month) and a glove to help support my wrist and fingers when knitting. I almost bought a swift, but put it back (kicking myself for doing so as they are really hard to find.

All the yarn (except for the sock yarn in front) was on deep discount and the Cricut items were 25% off. The glove and floss were regular price, but I had a 45% off coupon printed out and used it on the glove.

Fabricland, my haul was a bit larger and much more expensive even though I bought on sale fabric and got 20% off any accessories I purchased. To make matters worse I forgot a few things.

This portion of the haul shows the batting I purchased, the embroidery thread, some flat lingerie elastic (I am going to try making some underwear that hopefully holds up much better than the stuff I purchase), and some heavy fabric to make Hubby a BBQ apron for Christmas and a skirt for me. The two fabric remnants are upholstery or d├ęcor fabric that I plan on fashioning into a couple of purses or bags.

This portion of the stock up is mostly knits with some black lining fabric. The lining fabric will hopefully be used in the making of a heavier fall coat for me (something between winter and
summer), the knits are mostly going to be fashioned into dresses, and one selection (the grey) will be made into pants for this winter.

What did I forget? Well regular thread, serger thread, and soft flannel to make Hubby a couple of pairs of pj bottoms. Hmm, perhaps I can find some flannel sheets at one of the second hand stores for those pj bottoms.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Far more exciting to do a craft shop than a food shop!

  2. Your hobby supply stock up reminded quite happily of my aunt who live in northern New Hampshire. She always stocked up on hobby project supplies for the winter and kept herself quite entertained. There was always a reading & learning project (I remember one year it was Abraham Lincoln), a knitting gifts project and a weaving project among others. Hope you will show us the coat when it is finished.

  3. Good idea. I'm in the process of creating a craft/sewing room. Your timely post, inspires me. I can't wait till I can get in there, and get to work.