Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Thrifty Tuesday

This past week I have been busy in the garden harvesting and processing what is harvested. Well at least processing what we don't eat, and using up leftovers. Seems to be helping me keep busy, so busy in fact that yesterday and today have been the only afternoons that other than doing the usual household chores, I have been able to finish some Christmas gifts and make some dishcloths for myself.

I used up some leftover fat quarters and backing fabric to cut out the hanging pin holders. I am using leftover batting for them as well.

Used up some leftover cotton yarn on the dishcloths as well. So Christmas gifts have cost pennies so far this year.

I also did some mending, there was a hem that needed fixing, a sock that needed darning, a seam that had come lose in one of Harvey' shirts as well as a button or two that needed replacing.

Some old towels have been turned into rags, and some very nasty rags gotten rid of.

Windows have been open over the last three days to take advantage of the cooler weather. No air conditioning at all.

 Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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