Monday, August 19, 2019

Menu Monday

Sorry for being gone for a couple of days, but things kind of piled up here at home and they needed clearing up after being gone for an entire day.

Things are cooling down here on the Canadian prairies, We are keeping our fingers crossed that nicer weather returns soon, or at least warmer weather.


Soup and sandwiches. Pulling a container of stock out of the fridge and making some soup today (extra will be frozen for use later). Sandwiches will more than likely be egg salad as I have onion, eggs and celery to use up.


BBQ pork chops, tin foil potatoes, stuffed banana peppers,asparagus and coleslaw.


Frozen chili and toast.


Either a clean out the fridge day or I will make something with a bag of leftover cooked chicken and the cauliflower.


Tuna casserole, probably with a serving of asparagus on the side.


BBQ chicken breasts or legs (whichever has more packages in the freezer), tinfoil packets of veggies.


I have it down to make a roast ham, but I think this would be a good day to use up some homemade hamburger patties. It isn't that I forgot about them, more the I want Hubby to do some more cooking. Along with the all dressed hamburgers I think I will serve the remaining cabbage made into coleslaw, and whatever other veggies raw along with dip.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

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