Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

A day of getting small projects finished, and larger projects almost completed.

We have a new computer desk in the office area of the dining room (our dining room is much too large).

A large manly desk, which is what Harvey wanted. I had wanted something a bit different. This set up actually gives us much more room in the eating area.

I also did a bit more harvesting from the garden.

Beans were picked. Topped and tailed. Sliced ready for cooking. There is enough for us to have two meals as one of the sides.

A very few strawberries, but since we transplanted them and added a few plants this is to be expected. Next year should be much better we hope.

Two fairly large zucchini, cleaned, and shredded. These now reside in the freezer. It is much too hot to bake, even with air conditioning.

A few cucumbers, many of which were made into a salad. There are more, but by the time I picked these I was tired of fighting off all the blood sucking mosquitoes. They seem to love me, and I still have a few scars from our family reunion trip.

I have started to move items back into my sewing/craft room and organize a few things. I hope to have some pictures to share with you in a day or two (more likely three).

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Your new desk area looks very nice and super tidy. We have the same issue with our strawberries this year after transplanting them onto the allotment. Fingers crossed for a better crop next year.