Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday Tidbits

The harvesting of the garden is in full swing. Yet more beans were processed for the freezer today, zucchini picked washed and ready to be shredded first thing tomorrow morning, and cukes picked ready to be pickled tomorrow.

I plan on sending a text to Kris tomorrow to see if he would like some cukes, potatoes and banana peppers (the bell peppers aren't big enough to take him any as of yet). I know he will enjoy the fresh produce.

On top of the produce picked I managed to cut out two more patterns, pull fabric for another project, and am busy sewing the 4" squares together.

Mornings are cool with lots of dew, and some of the trees are already changing colour. I wonder if this is an indication of an early fall. An early fall means an early winter usually in these parts and that is something that I am not really looking forward to in the least. However this type of weather really isn't a surprise here.

I have our stock up lists done (might be a few additions tomorrow) and will be hunting for coupons tomorrow for various places. Harvey does have a discount coming to him at the shop where he picks up his wine kits. I may just have to wait until the morning we leave for Regina to print out coupons for Michael's and The Body Shop.

I am still having problems typing posts on this laptop, but hopefully I will get better at it and not drag my arm over the mousepad thingy, or hit the wrong sequence of keys and delete everything I have typed.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I forget that you hurt your arm. You are doing well to post as normal considering this. I hope it's getting better.

  2. we didn't plant veggies this year and i am really missing them! vacations planned, a surgery for DIL,
    new babies...we knew time was going to be too short to work in a garden...