Friday, February 3, 2023

Frugal Friday

I don't know why I post Frugal Fridays when I try my best to be frugal every day. I guess it is because many others do this as well, and it is a good way to list the frugal things a person has done in the past week. 

I find myself listing the same things every week most times. I suppose it is because those thing have become habits. I need to get some new frugal habits started, especially since Harvey has decided that we will need to move in the future.

So what new frugal habits am I picking up.

1.  Planning on what is going to who of our larger yard items. Since we will probably move to Regina, and am not too sure about where I think we will give our rototiller to our youngest who lives there. All of a sudden I though hmmm, we could share a garden and the way to expand said garden would be for him to work up the yard a bit more. Hence why he would get the tiller a necessary tool for that. 

2.  Kurt would get the snow blower if he wants it (must be fair).

3.  Kris would get the chest freezer as we could share it for the gardens bounty. 

4.  I will check with both of our sons to see what if any baking trays and pans they would like. So many doubles as I got many of my Moms when she passed away.

Harvey also has a very large water barrel that we could in fact move if we wished. Just not sure if we would and who it would go to....

Now on to frugal things that impact our day to day life here on the prairies. Hopefully some new habits starting. 

1.  I am becoming more adept at using items up in my fridge freezer. Still more to get through (when there is only two eating things add up quickly) but I am planning menus a bit differently. 

2.  Only driving a couple of times in a two week period. My fuel in the car has lasted well over a month and if I didn't have a specialist appointment for my yearly cancer checkup would have lasted two months easily.

3.  Downloaded two free books onto my ereader.

4.  Downloaded some free embroidery patterns.

5.  Working on using items up from my various stashes. I pulled some yarn to make two sweaters (one a pullover) from my yarn stash that I found patterns I loved. Pulled some cotton yarn that I want to make a spring/summer sleeveless sweater from, just need to find a pattern I really like.

So that's it for today. Forward planning and deciding what goes where (though Harvey hasn't had his say as of yet). I am also planning what needs painting and fixing before we try selling. That list could be my post for one of the upcoming days.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It would definitely make sense to use the yard space in Kris' place for a garden. Especially if you decide on a condo. There are also community garden spaces here in Regina. I can think of two, but I'm sure there is more.
    You're getting a head start on the planning for the eventual move. I did the same when I was trying to sell in 2019. Some things have changed since then, but that list I made back then is still around and will be helpful when the time actually comes.
    Enjoy the warmer weather this weekend!

  2. I’d love to see the sweater you made please! I need inspiration!

  3. I always wanted to learn to knit dish clothes, but now I have dexterity issues with my hand and it isn’t possible. Sounds like you’re planning for your future move well. I like the idea of sharing garden space and freezer space with your children. More hands to do the work.

  4. Sharing a garden, and a freezer sounds like a good thing to do. Cleaning out and organizing to move sounds like lots of work, so wishing you lots of luck and extra energy for that. I too am getting better at using left overs, freezing them to spread them out vs leaving them in the fridge and hoping you'll eat them later in the same week.

  5. It's good to think ahead and plan for your eventual move. You never know what might happen if the perfect place falls into your lap and you end up moving sooner than you thought. Love the idea of sharing a garden space with your son - really wish we could do that too, but can't happen due to distance.