Thursday, February 9, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


I always have thought of thrifty as being cool, and now more and more people are turning to old fashioned thrifty and frugality to make ends meet.

There are many of the old youth group I keep in touch with and I smile when I read their posts on Facebook. They are learning how to plant a garden, how to mend clothing, canning, freezing and even in some cases getting thrifty over how and when they spend their money. Some are even bartering!!! So great to see.

So what thrifty things are happening around the Phillips homestead.

1.  I fixed a hem on another pair of Harvey's pants. Repaired the seams on a nightie I made a couple of years ago.

2.  Using up what I have in the house, and my shopping just seems to be stocking up or getting food to use in the much distant future. 

3.  Decluttering the house and finding items that I can hand on to Kris. Kurt pretty much has everything he needs, though I may purchase him an Instant Pot eventually. Kris can't find his slow cooker so that is on the list to get for him. I am hoping to find them second hand. 

4.  Shopping at home is working out very well. It is amazing what one finds hidden in dark corners. 

5.  Only running errands every second week is working as well. Next week is slightly different. A visit to the dentist, and travel to see my doctor will mean using the car a bit more. 

So that's what has happened on the thrifty front here. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I love your term, shopping from home, I might just steal it to use with hubby, we have started 2023 on use it up, and it's working well so far.

  2. Funny how you can always find one more way to cut a corner or save.

  3. I do miss having a garden although it's surprising how much we can grow on our little balcony. I'm hoping we can manage to fit more pots out there this year and see what else we can grow.
    Shopping from home is high on my list as well, although sometimes my stash does let me down.