Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Midweek, Baby It's Cold Outside


Woke up to some serious cold temperatures this morning. This meant hunkering down and doing small tasks around the house. It also means lots of pain for yours truly in her lower back and hips. I end up working for a bit and then moving around, sitting for a bit and then walking around the house. Hopefully this bout won't last long.

So what did I do today.

I prepped the green altar cloth for sewing tomorrow (supposed to be fairly cold again), made the larger draught dodger for Kris's side door, made the prototype for the face warmer (for my friend), cleaned the shelves in the fridge, washed and folded rags, and cut the fabric to make the mesh produce bags (got three ready to be sewn).

This is the purple altar cloth.

Though it looks kind of blue here it is a deep purple (also pretty blurry for some reason). 

The mesh fabric cut for the produce bags. 

My Babylock machine up and running once again. I thought I would change the bobbin and that was what was causing the problem. I purchased more while in Fabricland that will work in this machine. 

This is a small container that my brother-in-law made on his lathe. I use it to store my rings in when I am cleaning. Love it. 

Tomorrow I will take pictures of the face warmer, the draught dodger, the mesh bags and hopefully the finished green altar cloth. 

I am trying to get more of the smaller projects done so I can cross them off my list. I will still have plenty to carry forward to next month.

Off to get supper made or at least started and then I will be back to visit you all.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I hope you don't get too much snow but it sounds like a lot to keep you occupied.

  2. You sound very busy. I love days at home getting on with small jobs. It's very satisfying.

  3. Thankfully, not quite as cold today. I'm heading out this afternoon to get some groceries as we're out of and low on a number of items. Hopefully by then it will have moderated some.
    I'm guessing you're sewing today. :)

  4. It all sounds very productive and industrious indeed. Hoping it warms up again soon for you. xx

  5. I love repairing alter clothes, I think it is a great honor to be able to serve the lord with my talents.

  6. You have been busy, lots of projects on the go. I get back pain too, it's no fun at all, is it.