Monday, February 6, 2023

Menu Monday


A new week has arrived. One would think that my fridge freezer would be cleared out.... Not a chance. So once again we will be making meals around what is in that freezer. With the occasional meal from something new. 


I have pulled the last container of chili out of the freezer downstairs. Serving it with toast.


A bag of leftover chicken will be turned into something wonderful I hope. I am going to try and find a new casserole recipe. There is also a bit of salad to use up.


Cream of celery soup from the freezer downstairs and I think I will make egg salad sandwiches.


Leftovers from Tuesday. I will make some coleslaw to serve with the casserole.


Fish Fillets, hashbrown patties, and the remains of the coleslaw.


Lazy Perogy casserole. 


Butter chicken, rice, mixed veggies.

So this will clear out a package of chicken from the fridge freezer along with the remaining hashbrown patties and the remaining fish fillets.

The chili and soup are pulled from the chest freezer so clearing a bit more of that up as well. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. think of all the money you have saved by eating out of your freezer. We have finally got some warmer weather. Last week was brutal!

  2. I cleaned out one of my freezers, just by using what was in there, recently and it was empty! It does save money to do that. With the price of groceries it’s one way we can save a little money. Your menu sounds delicious.

  3. Sissie cleaned out my food storage and pantry and freezers and I really am not allowing myself to buy any food.

  4. Still working my way through my freezers and will be for some months, I am sure. AT least it keeps the bills down for a while. xx