Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sunday Ramblings


I have decided I live a rather boring life. I get up most mornings, have coffee, moderate the forum I am a member off, check emails, check Facebook,  and follow the list of tasks I have set for myself. Day in and day out my life is planned. Planned almost to the last minute. Heck I even put reading down on my to do list......

I often wonder if I don't have a form of OCD or even Autism. Never been diagnosed with either, but I do have some symptoms of both. More towards the OCD side of things though. Funny thing is though whenever I make a project I will purposely add an error somewhere as no living person is perfect. Certain things need to be just so, but others I could care less how they look. 

All this to say the idea of downsizing and moving is scaring the crap out of me. Like what will happen to my books, or my sewing machines, or fabric, or yarn. How on earth will I manage to do without my things. 

Will I be me, Jackie, without what makes me, me. Or is it only that I think my things are what make me who and what I am. 

Tough decisions are ahead, but I am sure I will eventually find my way through the maze that my mind is setting up.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Why won't you have your favorite things

    1. I agree spent the winter in a motorhome in Spain for ten years and my sewing machine and knitting went too. We did covert to digital books and e news paper it was no big deal.

  2. Boring is fine, who needs drama, it's too exhausting! I can empathise with the scary thoughts of moving and downsizing, as we're facing the same thing. But it's got to be done, and we'll make a new life, a new normal. As will you.

  3. It must be a scary prospect, moving to a city after so many years on the prairies. I'm sure you will find new hobbies and activities to enjoy that maybe don't need a lot of supplies or you could just buy supplies as you need them and not have a stash. Shouldn't take up much room.
    It's quite exciting, whilst being daunting at the same time. I'm sure you and Harvey will make lots of new friends and find clubs or groups to join and enjoy socialising.
    I would find it equally scary moving after so many years in London, but part of me actually craves it.

  4. Very interesting comment about downsizing. Or handling change as I viewed it. My husband recently passed away and I am going through our home and cleaning it out. And trying to decide where to live…here or a different place. What do I keep, what to get rid of. I don’t have any real attachment to physical possessions, so for me that reduction is not stressful. But everything else is ;). We all have those things we cling to for self definition…for me, 41 years with my husband creates a pattern that is very hard to change. Hilogene in Az

  5. I'm sorry you are feeling stressed. Do you have any idea when you plan to move and the potential size of your next home? I've found both Pinterest and Apartment Therapy great resources for making the best use of small homes while still being able to live the life one wants. I think you will be able to do all your favorite crafts with different solutions to what and how to store, where your workplace is and so on. Cheering you on!

  6. My life has been an almost constant round of changes of some sort. I've learned never to say "I'm bored" because that is usually when all h*ll breaks loose.
    You'll bring your sewing machine and fabric, knitting/crocheting supplies and books with you I'm sure. No matter how much you downsize I expect you'll find a space for those items - especially since they are such a big part of your life.
    You've got time to plan and organize yet and when you do decide to move, all will go well, I'm sure. Sure there will be some big changes but based on what I know of you through your blog, you've done well whenever life has thrown you a curve ball.

  7. I'm at the point where I'm thankful for the boring life I live! Thinking of you as you wrap your thoughts around downsizing and moving. It's a huge step and not one to be taken lightly.

  8. Moving and downsizing is hard, no doubt about that. But why will you have to give up your crafts, I dont understand that. Maybe if you had a huge stash and a whole lot of sewing machines, but that doesn't sound like you. Guess you are getting the jitters about the unknown. When we moved into a smaller property we left some things we couldnt fit in in a storage unit for a few months. Never needed them so they were all donated in the end.

  9. I can relate to the downsizing part Jackie. Moving scares me, but I'm looking at it as a new adventure and I know there's some good things to look forward to. I've already donated most of my books (I had lots). Look at all the positive things about moving Jackie. Think of how much closer you'll be to Kris and that you'll be able to see so much more of him.