Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Mid Week, Oh My


We missed the rain that Regina got, or at least I think so and so I went for a bit of a walk this morning. I am hopeful that all the ice will be gone from the roads very soon. In looking ahead at the weather forecast...the snow/rain mix for next week that was predicted is no longer there. Really great, especially as it was supposed to occur the day before we need to travel for my specialist appointment. 

I got the outsides of my kitchen cupboards washed with Murphy's Oil Soap and oiled with Lemon Oil. They look so nice and shiny now. I really need to do that a bit more often. 

I also got many of the pictures from my phone moved over to the computer. Still have a few to do, but I will get more moved tomorrow.

This is the Prayer shawl/blanket I have been working on for one of Kurt's good friends. I have actually become a friend of hers as well. In fact I may have adopted her. She is a wonderful artist, very talented, and is struggling with quite a few health issues. I will be mailing it up to Kurt to give to her early next week.

Now I think I mentioned how I seemed to have inherited all Mom's crafty things when she left us many years ago. I don't often do stamped embroidery, unless it is something she left. I actually finished off a set of sugar bag dishtowels for my niece for a shower gift that Mom had started. I have done a few tablecloths which I use regularly and a couple of dresser scarves. This week I decided to see what was left in the box. 

I pulled out what I thought was two sets of quilt blocks. Well, it turned out to be three sets!!! I decided that perhaps I should work on these. So, I cut apart one set of 15 and started to embroider today.

This is how far I have gotten.

This is going to be a great deal of work, but on cloudy days should keep me occupied. I believe that Mom was going to do them and get me to make three different quilts. At the time there
were only three other females in the family. My sister, her daughter and myself. I am not sure who to give them to now as my brother has three daughters. I will just have to think about that a bit more. 

I will also consider this a bit of decluttering and using things up in the sewing/craft room. Something that is definitely needed at this point in time.

There is another set of different quilt blocks in the box as well as a couple of dresser scarves and I think enough sugar bags to do at least 5 sets of dish towels. Could keep me busy for a very long time. I don't do hand embroidery as quickly as I used to. 

Still using items up from the fridge freezer and the chest freezer. Today I am making a curry and am using up a package of frozen tomatoes, the leftover chicken that I didn't use yesterday, and some tortillas that have been in the fridge freezer for awhile. My curry will be going into a wrap kind of thing. Served with the leftover salad it should fill us up nicely

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless. 


  1. that will certainly keep you out of mischief!! I got a little bit more decluttering done today as well.

  2. Funny, I needed some wood polish today and almost bought Murphy's Oil at the Family Dollar. Last stuff I had was quite oily and I didn't have the patience for it...........maybe I should have went with it!
    I also think that stamped cross stitch is what i need, I have a counted project that may never get done. :)

  3. Good news about the weather. The decluttering sounds great and it's nice to get some pleasant surprises from time to time. xx

  4. I love the blanket that you make for Kurt's friend. It's lovely.

  5. You are so busy Jackie, and always taking on new projects!

  6. The blanket is lovely, and it's always nice to adopt a child when they are an adult. :p
    I'm impressed that the quilt blocks are in good shape and that you're going to finish them.

  7. I love to embroider, I would love to do a couple of dresser scarves. I have plenty of sets of stamped embroider pillow cases to do, I give them as gifts.

  8. I love the colours in the prayer shawl - I'm sure your friend will appreciate it.
    I inherited many of the embroideries that my maternal grandmoether did and have used them in various projects over the years. I remember, as a teenager, embroidering a pre-stamped dresser set.