Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Tuesday Tidbits


It has been another quiet day here on the Phillips homestead. I got all the tasks completed once again. I guess after being retired for 12 years I have finally gotten the hang of things. 

Mending done, some knitting completed (more done later) and lots of decluttering and making lists. I even managed to get a bit of a walk in.

Things are quickly melting, some of the main roads are completely dry. I know this won't last but I will enjoy it as long as possible. 

My list of fixit's has been made for this year. Most are very simple, but the deck painting will take a bit of time as will the painting of some of the outdoor furniture. Plan on starting those two things as soon as the weather gets to where it needs to be. Perhaps even Easter if we are really lucky. 

I have been looking for three bedroom apartments or condos. Any three bedroom condos are 2 floors and we want to get away from that. I started thinking that a two bedroom would work as if we are in Regina, Kurt could stay with Kris or us (planning on bringing the couch that pulls out into a bed), as we would try to find something close to Kris. The second bedroom could be my sewing/craft room and library. 

Then there is the TV thing. Harvey does not like what I watch, and I really don't like watching sports or the news all day. My solution is to perhaps set up my TV either in the master bedroom or in the second bedroom.... Thoughts only. 

Still using up whatever we can. Meals are mostly cleaning out the fridge freezer or perhaps an older ready meal from the chest freezer downstairs. It is definitely a very frugal thing to use up what I have available.

Finishing up Three Pines on Prime. I probably will only get two episodes watched today, but will finish the last two tomorrow. I think if I was by myself I could actually get rid of most of our MaxTV and just do the streaming thing. Probably work out much less in cost over the year. Between Prime, Netflix, Disney+, and BritBox my TV watching is pretty much covered. I hear there is lots to watch on YouTube as well (haven't checked that out yet). If I get the android box up and running again on the mini computer attached to the TV I can watch the series I love as well. 

I am still using more appliances than the oven and I am hoping to see a decline in electrical costs. If I use the oven I pack it as full as I possibly can, which is something I learned from all of you. Also making sure that all lights are off in rooms not in use, and hanging as much clothing as I can on lines downstairs right now.  

Not having to pay for a hotel room when we go to Regina for my appointments saves us a bundle as well. Buying a few meals or bringing them up while we stay with Kris saves him cash and us as well. We will be up there visiting and taking advantage of his hospitality for a number of days while stocking up and visiting my cancer specialist.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless


  1. Our second bedroom is my sewing room/computer room and also serves as a guest room in the rare event that we might have guest overnight. We thought we were doing a good thing when we moved here and bought a pull-out couch for in here but unfortunately it won't work for either of our boys. They're both well over six feet tall and the mattress simply isn't long enough for them. We end up taking the mattress part to the living room and putting it on the floor so at least it's somewhat more comfortable. In hindsight we wish we hadn't bothered with the pull out and just gone with something that's inflatable. I could have used the space for my sewing supplies instead.

  2. Our next move will be to a condo or apartment. We're hoping that's a few years away, but who knows?

  3. Amazing plans and they all sound very do-able, given time. All the best with them. xx

  4. So difficult to find the ideal place. Lifts (elevators?) are essential after a 'certain age'!

  5. Your planning/lists are coming along nicely. I'm with you on the television, that SaskTel Max isn't worth the money we pay for it. I've gone down to the basic channels, and pay for the sports channels. Like Harvey, I need my sports and unfortunately the streaming services aren't great. Both Sportsnet and TSN have their own streaming options but they are more expensive than bundling with SaskTel. However, they cheat cable subscribers by not airing all of the sports that they stream. So it's a catch-22. So far, I've held off going streaming entirely and rely on You-tube to pick up some sports (especially curling) that I can't get elsewhere.
    There is a freezing rain warning here this morning. Hopefully it misses you!

  6. Hi Jackie had a wonderful read through of your posts. I too have wondered if I am on the spectrum and do have an OCD about punctuality...if only it were for cleanliness, LOL. Meanwhile, you do so well with the thrifty efforts and I know what you mean about the worry about downsizing and moving. Changes and upset too. We will face that too.

  7. Your planning has given you something go work towards, knowing what your next step will be. This is a big step for you both, and there are plenty of dr visions to be made along the way.

  8. We haven't had cable in a decade or more. I really am not that into television watching but my husband enjoys it so I find myself watching it as well. It's easy to get hooked on. For years before we married, I didn't have cable tv. And I had teenage sons! They were busy with sports and I would just order a video at Blockbuster for the weekends.

    Wow so you're starting to look at townhouses and condos. How exciting for you. We won't be moving unless there is a health issue. WE have no stairs and the house would be fine even if one of us, has mobility issues. My folks both lived here and died here. That's my plan.

  9. We always had a spare TV in our guest room. I would go in there if I did not like what Hubs was watching. It worked great!