Saturday, February 4, 2023

Wind up Saturday


We had a lovely day today. After a bit of rain early this morning, the skies cleared, the sun came out and we had a sun shine, warmish day (at least for this time of year).

I managed to get most of my household tasks done well before 10 this morning and so decided to put on my cleats and go for a walk. Loved it. Fresh air is always so invigorating. 

Back home and did some knitting (which I will continue tonight), put my knitting projects into bags so I can pull them to work on, and just had a very lazy day overall. 

Lists made of things that we should take care of around the house this year. I will make a new one next year and again the year after. That should see all done.

Tomorrow I will start the list of what needs to be decluttered. I think if I do a bit at a time, I can manage better. The only thing I am really concerned about is my books.... Wonder if I could scan them and then put them on a thumb drive. Or at least I could do my favourite books that way.

Still working on using things up from freezer and fridge. I am hopeful that I will have things very much under control. I just hate the way things got out of control over the last six months or so. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. You have an organized plan and I'm sure you will make it happen.

  2. Bite size bits always work, every year I declutter, we don't buy much, and yet again this year I have found things to sort and get rid of.

  3. I agree with Poppy, decluttering is a never ending process. You're definitely a planner!
    You're braver than I am, I've yet to go aside. The driveway will need to be cleared sometime today as we had more snow yesterday. No sunshine here. :(

  4. I’m wanting to declutter more here too, even though I’ve done some over the last year. I really like not having much to take care of these days.

  5. Knitting is quite relaxing, put your feet up, make a hot drink, and knit away for a while.

  6. Do you feel like the freezer disorganization goes in phases? I eat it down, then somehow it builds back up over time. Rinse & repeat. We do a good job of eating the meals that are in there, but I have some random stuff (bits & bobs leftover from recipes, some stuff my parents left, etc) that I don't have a good use for & those things just linger. I think they build up over time & it takes a concentrated effort to use them.

    Good luck on your weekend!

  7. Would the library have the books you are thinking about scanning (that would take forever I think!!) and I think a lot of books are available online now if you know how to access them.