Thursday, February 23, 2023

Thrifty Thursday


While it has warmed up a bit temperature wise we got snow earlier this morning and then after that the wind came up. All that to say I had another day of doing little and larger things around the house. Still working on the green altar cloth as I decided to do the hemming by hand. 

Part of being thrifty is making good use of what you have and that is what I have tried to do this week. 

I fixed a seam on a pair of my pants. 

Sewed a button on one of Harvey's shirts.

Meals have been fashioned using what I have here at home. Much too cold the last few days to even think of running out and purchasing an ingredient that I don't have so I have been doing lots of subbing of ingredients.

Using good old soap and hot water (along with a bit of elbow grease) for cleaning. 

Fixing my sewing machine (though why I waited a year to try changing the bobbin...duh that should have been my first move). I love having my really good machine up and working once again. Though the one Kurt purchased me for Christmas a few years back saved my sanity until I realized what needed to be done.

Knitting my sweater with orphan balls of yarn. This will cut down my stash a little bit. 

Got a cheque from our insurance company for my excess dental costs. It still cost me almost $100.00, but that is only 1/5 of the cost. 

Hubby is using up some of his bits and bobs of wood down in his work room to make a couple of bird feeders.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. I know I'm behind in my commenting so I decided not to try to catch up and just pop in here. So glad you were able to figure out the 'fix' for your sewing machine and that it was something relatively simple.
    I've been knitting/crocheting everything I can think of to try to use my stash and it's now getting to the point where pretty much all I can make is some socks and some dish scrubbies. There isn't enough of anything else and unfortunately none of it will work together for anything. Does this mean I am now forced to order some new yarn??

  2. At least you got something back - we don't have dental insurance.

  3. Stupid cold here this morning. I'm hoping the forecast is right and it eases up tomorrow.
    I think it costs $100 or more everytime I see the dentist, regardless of the work done. And that's after insurance.
    I saw a pattern for a stash cardigan on Reddit - the pattern cost is prohibitive (in my mind), but I'm sure I can find something simliar - or just play with the yarn myself. I'd like to work on a bigger project at some point but need to finish the cross stitching and Eli's sweater first.

  4. Caught up on your posts and sorry to hear the cold aggravates your back. It is cold here too with -23 wind chill on my walk this am. I forgot to wear my balaclava so my face was cold but otherwise okay. I haven't been to the dentist in a while...I find their charges exorbitant. You do well with the thriftiness. I wonder what kind of feeders your hubby will make. I'd be interested to know. Take care of yourself and that back.

  5. Dental is so expensive and I am so blessed to have a daughter in the field.

  6. Glad the insurance helped with the dental costs. 100$ is not bad at all to have to pay.
    You are so thrifty! 🤗