Wednesday, April 10, 2024



We have had a couple of slight rains over the past few nights, but could use much more. Everything would be washed clean with a good rain. 

My specialist appointment has been canceled for 2 weeks. Not a bad thing as the extended forecast is calling for snow the two days we would be gone. Might be slushy snow, but I would rather not travel in that type of weather. It also gives the plants Kris started for us another week of growing time.

I have been working on decluttering and organizing a few areas of the house. I pick one small area a day and get that cleared up. This week it has been clearing things I haven't worn for awhile in my wardrobe, moving empty canning jars to an area of the basement, using up small jars from the fridge, and today was cleaning and tidying under the bathroom sink. Tomorrow I will clear/declutter the hall coat closet after shopping.

Speaking of shopping tomorrow.... I noticed there is much less in the meat department on sale. Right now all I see on sale are stuffed chicken breasts, and thick sliced bacon that we would use. Forget the Tomahawk steaks, at a supposed sale price of $29.99 a pound way out of our reach. So this week my meat stock up will be bacon and stuffed chicken breasts. Certainly will be getting some very strange looks once again. I was hoping for pork ribs and pork chops (whole chickens would have been nice as well) but will work around what I can get. Still have to take a close look at the Walmart flyer and see if there is anything there. 

I have been working on some of my projects as well. Knitting takes place when other projects are completed or in the evening. Today I cut out a dress, and yesterday I sewed the tunic top I had cut out last month. At some time tomorrow I will start hand quilting that baby quilt.  

Soup is simmering on the stove and perfuming the house. Love the smell of soup of any kind. Not sure about Harvey, but he never complains as long as his belly is full. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I, too, have noticed that meat prices aren't within easy reach for us anymore. Coffee too. I'm trying to convince myself that I need to reduce my two cup per day habit down to one to try to keep costs down. Gone are the days when we eat meat without figuring out some way to stretch it somehow (lots of soups) and we've cut portion sizes way down along with going meatless several times a week.

  2. I am sure Harvey wouldn't dream of complaining and is super grateful for all your lovely meals. He's a lucky chap. xx

  3. I was rummaging around trying to come up with something to wear to a wedding in a couple weeks and found a lot of things that need to go bye-bye!
    29.99/lb.! WOW - never would I ever. That is crazy.

  4. Meat prices are high here too and I’ve noticed the quality is not what it used to be. So I’ve been paying a bit more by going to a butcher to buy my meat, fish and poultry. We don’t eat as much as we used to and that helps! I’m buying most of my produce at local farms - the farmers markets have gotten expensive so it’s more cost effective and not that far away, to enjoy a drive to the farms. I stretch all the recipes to at least 2 meals and a lunch. I don’t have a big freezer space to store up bargains. I used to enjoy shopping for food. Now it’s a bit stressful when they’re adding it all up. I walk out feeling defeated.

  5. Mmm, soup. Now the weather is cooling down, i have decided to cook up some French Oinon soup for lunch, so nice with toasted cheese croutons on top. I love soup, and love making different varieties in the colder weather.

  6. I was panicking the other night as we had a power cut at midnight. I was thinking of the meat I had in the freezer and what I'd do with it if the power didn't come back on for hours. Luckily, it came back on after half an hour.