Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Ramblings

 While it is still slightly windy today, it isn't near as windy as our previous two days. Our temperature is in the mid teens as well so it looks as if spring just might have arrived. 

Went to Mass today and instead of the usual sermon, we prayed the Divine Mercy Caplet. So while the service was a tiny bit shorter, my back still acted up a little bit. Darn those hard pews!!!

My oven has decided to act up this late afternoon, so out came the toaster oven to roast my chicken. Could take a tiny bit longer to cook and it will be fun pulling the ceramic roaster out to put the potatoes and carrots in. Still I am very happy that I do have another method to get the cooking done. This is the worst range we have ever owned for problems. I think we might have purchased a dud.

I got one of my goals for the month completed today. All old paper work is now shredded and ready for recycling. The desk looks so much better. I may try and get a couple of seams done on the top after I finish this post. We shall see how my back feels from sitting. 

I have decided that after the top is sewn, I will cut out my next dress, and once that is completed start hand quilting the baby quilt (which will take awhile). Evenings will be for knitting.

I am already trying to figure out next month's projects and goals. One will be getting the yard cleaned up (really things are still too wet right now) and getting my garden in and my pots filled and planted. That takes some time. Pretty sure next month will be when we wash the deck, chairs, and get the furniture set up for summer enjoyment. Might not have much time for handwork, but we shall see.

I think spring cleaning will start next week (on my extra cleaning list), only one room at a time. I will start with the smallest room and work my way through the house. 

Off I go to check out what all you have been up to on this fine Sunday.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. You may need to take a cushion with you to church. Surely no one would be upset, as it is for your back.
    It was a lovely day here too, reaching 17C. I took some time and sat in the sun reading. I've set out a wicker chair and a small table on the front deck. I suspect it will be rained or even snowed on in the next few weeks, but it won't hurt them.

  2. Roast chicken is so good. I like it better than turkey.

  3. I have a small home and I'm still not as organized or neat as you are.
    Im impressed every day with what you do.

  4. I agree with Maebeme you need to take a cushion. I always have thought church seats should be cushioned.
    Glad your weather is turning. Nice to have an alternative to the oven.

  5. I was goin to say the same thing - take something to support - a cushion or some kind of foam pad. It can't help the sense of worship when you're in so much pain. xx