Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Mid-Month Goal Update


I am a bit later in posting this, but some of my other list (spring cleaning) got in the way. 

1.  Copy 14 tried and true recipes and get them in the album. Done

2.  Work on cross stitch.

3.  Sew shorts. Done

4.  Sew top. Done

5.  Cut out a summer tank dress. Done

6.  Quilt the baby quilt. Working on this

7.  Start knit tank top. Actually almost completed

8.  Shred papers. Done

9.  Make an appointment with my prayer partner. Done

10. Go to the accountant. Done

11. Transfer fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes. Done

Things are moving along nicely. I should be finished the quilt by Saturday or Sunday. The knit tank top should be done during the early part of next week if I am lucky. I think that I just might have to start adding to my goals list for this month, just so I have something to do with my hands in the evenings.

Cleared out all my drawers in the kitchen and did a spring clean in there. I am taking a break from cleaning tomorrow (well the spring cleaning at any rate) as my prayer partner will be dropping in. Things are being decluttered and put where I can reach them easily. I do need to do something about my cookbook collection. I have way too many. Any ideas???? Many a time I think that I should scan them and put them on a thumb drive. Having so many cookbooks to choose from is a daunting task when looking for a specific recipe. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Cookbooks: years ago I went through all of mine and flagged recipes I wanted to make. Any books without flags left right away. A few years later, I went through those flags and if they no longer appealed out they went. I'm down to 1 shelf in my bookcase and I'm comfortable with that.

  2. Cookbooks are hard for me to get rid of but I know I should. It would clear up so much space. I don’t know why I’m so attached.

  3. Very impressive. Good for you. xx

  4. I managed to cull my huge collection of cookbooks a few years ago. But even now there are still some I rarely use.

  5. You've been very busy and productive, as usual. I like Elle's idea of flagging the special recipes you know you'll use and letting go of the rest.
    I don't tend to use cookbooks regularly. Rather, I like the website Many of the recipes are submitted by home cooks and use ingredients I'm likely to have on hand. When we moved in the fall, I kept just a few cookbooks.

  6. Your list looks most impressive with most of the chores done!

  7. Wow - you have gotten a lot done. i got rid of some cookbooks that were just never used, but it is my passion! Not that I use them a lot, I just like them!

  8. Re the cookbook situation - we finally managed to downsize ours to 4 or 5 because we both came to the realization that there isn't a single recipe that you can't find online in mere minutes. We also went through all our recipe cards and if we both didn't really like the recipe we tossed it. Those that we were okay with but didn't love were tossed too. Now all we have is the ones we use and love. Sure makes life a whole lot simpler!

  9. Great work completing most of your goals and doing lots of cleaning too. I wish I was as productive as you are.